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5 stars for Overruling Judgment by Liz Ellyn #romance #newrelease #bookreview #wrpbks

Title: Overruling Judgment

Author: Liz Ellyn

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, MFM Romance

Book Blurb:

Ian refuses to allow an explosive night of passion to derail his desire to make partner at the law firm. But, her tempting presence in the office, along with her alluring scent, mocks his resolve. JD’s the hot art teacher with the body and stamina of a former professional hockey player. He’s a creative master, in and out of the bedroom, who captures the affection of the brilliant young attorney, but he second-guesses if he’s enough for her. Sasha won’t settle for less in her career or love life. It’s all or nothing. After a twist of fate and a proclamation of love, Sasha escapes choosing between Ian and JD. The alternative is far more arousing. With careers in flux and hearts on the line, how will they all find the fortitude to come out on top?

My Review:

Two men set Sasha’s heart and body on fire but instead of choosing, she discovers a way to have it all. Overruling Judgment is an alluring erotic romance that will turn you on and have you rooting for these characters. Life is full of complications, anguish, desire, and choices. This point is the main theme of this book and it’ll have you seeing love in a new light.

At the heart of this book are the three main characters: Sasha, Ian, and JD. I connected with all three right away. Their complexity attracted me to them and drew me into their world. Romance and love are mine fields of the mind and heart for these characters. It is heart wrenching and a bit voyeuristic to watch them fall in love with each other. When the big reveal happens, fireworks explode. Never in my life have I read such an understanding group of characters.

I have to talk a bit about realism in relation to the romance. I know this is an erotic romance with a lot of focus on the MFM relationship and I’m fine with that. But this is where the plot delves into an unrealistic area. I asked my husband as several male friends and they agreed with me. It would never happen. I had difficulty believing this plot arc.

The writing skills of Liz Ellyn is impressive. She details the ins and outs of being a lawyer as someone who is one. She has an innate ability to draw the reader into the world she creates. Her narration is deep and emotional.

If you’re looking for a completely original erotic romance, pick up Overruling Judgment.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Liz Ellyn nourishes people’s cravings for the irresistible. Like the decadent desserts she delivers, she creates alluring characters deserving of happy endings.

With degrees in both engineering and law, she argues that the positive energy gained by indulging in one’s guilty pleasure appropriately counterbalances the serious forces of daily life.

When she isn’t writing or devouring steamy romance books, she spoils her family, including her two dogs, Boomer and Tanner.

Bon Appetite and Happy Reading!

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Reviewed by: Nancy

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