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5 stars for Passionate Destiny by @DeeSKnight #eroticromance #paranormalromance #bookreview

Title: Passionate Destiny

Author: Dee S. Knight

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Book Blurb:

When Margaret Amis-Hollings inherits an old house in Virginia, she never suspects she’d be sharing it with a very loving ghost. Or that her interest would be divided between her spirit lover and the very live man who’s renovating the place. Suddenly her life is intertwined with a soldier from a previous century and with his descendant, Aaron, who has a secret concerning her home. Is it coincidence or the power of a past love that makes her want to share her life—as well as her destiny—with Aaron?

My Review:

Dr. Margaret Amis-Hollings, after years working as a professor for a small New Jersey college, loses her position. Shaken to the core, she doesn't know what she's going to do. That is, until she's given a beautiful piece of property in historic Virginia as a bequest. Seeking solitude, she envisions restoring the home and property in order to sell it. But her whimsical thoughts take a nosedive after her first night's sleep. Her home is haunted and judging by her body's reaction, her resident ghost ignites a fire within her. As she works with the guy she hired to help her restore the place, she can't help but think he's got an ulterior motive. When she finds out he's a descendant of the very friendly ghost, she's conflicted. She must follow her destiny. Which man will seduce her and win her heart?

Passionate Destiny is an erotic paranormal romance unlike anything I've read before. Is an apparition able to give a human pleasure? This part of the plot I found hard to believe at first, but Dee S. Knight changed my mind by the time I finished it. A heroine at a crossroads in her life? I disliked Margaret from the beginning. I found her abrasiveness hard to relate to. But the more I discovered what makes Margaret tick, the more I understood her. A love triangle with one of them being a ghost? I have never read anything like this before. I'm a huge romance lover and this book reaffirmed my belief of love finding you when you least expect it. A brilliant paranormal romance with plenty of hot interludes. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

A few years ago, Dee S. Knight began writing, making getting up in the morning fun. During the day, her characters killed people, fell in love, became drunk with power, or sober with responsibility. And they had sex, lots of sex.

After a while, Dee split her personality into thirds. She writes as Anne Krist for sweeter romances, and Jenna Stewart for ménage and shifter stories. All three of her personas are found on the Nomad Authors website ( Fortunately, Dee’s high school sweetheart is the love of her life and husband to all three ladies! Once a month, look for Dee’s Charity Sunday blog posts, where your comment can support a selected charity.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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