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5 stars for Picture Imperfect (Destination Romance Book One) by Kate Berberich #romance #bookreview

Title: Picture Imperfect (Destination Romance Book One)

Author: Kate Berberich

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Bad girl turned heiress, Lacey Devere has a penchant for falling for precisely the wrong person. Her dad is determined to give her a fresh start, beginning with a luxurious European tour and a new camera to capture each perfect moment.

Dan Lewis is a modern-day highwayman traveling the world, relieving wealthy tourists of their excess cash and jewelry. He learned the hard way not to let anyone get too close.

Their heads are urging caution, but their hearts are being swept away by the glamour and romance of the dazzling cities they’re visiting.

My Review:

Take two people with flaws and questionable pasts. Place them in close proximity traveling throughout Europe. The result? A wonderfully charming novel of love, trust, and second chances.

Picture Imperfect by Kate Berberich is a love story but so much more. Lacey Devere is a young woman with a wild past she wishes she could erase. Dan Lewis is a seasoned conman who believes he’s found a reason to go straight.

Dan is accustomed to mingling with the world’s wealthiest and helping himself to a portion of their excess wealth. This is Lacey’s first trip abroad on a tour with the wealthiest. She’s the daughter of a retired policeman who won the lottery.

The contrast is important. Berberich tells the story in dual voices, skillfully portraying Lacey’s innocence and wonder and Dan’s cynicism. The ability to keep these voices distinct is the beauty of the story.

It’s a slow build of a romance as each explores their feelings and argues internally about the pitfalls of falling in love.

While the setting is expansive, the small cast of characters gives the book its intimate feel. There are only two secondary characters, an older couple also on the tour. Berberich introduces them early and slyly, and slowly reveals their presence and purpose in the story.

If you’re looking for the glamour of a 1940s movie set in the contemporary world, then Picture Imperfect is the love story for you.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I am an author with a penchant for writing about strong, sassy ladies and the men they love (and cats!). I have a background in historic and theatrical costuming. I live in New York with my cat, Miss Toby Toebeanz, and lots and lots of books. Picture Imperfect is my debut novel. The sequel, A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday, is forthcoming from The Wild Rose Press.

Social Media Links:

FB: Kate Berberich, Author

Tumblr: kateberberichauthor

Twitter: @KateBerberich

You can also find me at Goodreads, BookBub, and Pinterest.

Reviewed by: Terry


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