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Racing Toward Love by @authorkimberly1 is a Celebrate Audiobook Month pick #romance #audiobook

Title: Racing Toward Love, Book 2 in the Horses Heal Hearts Series

Author: Kimberly Beckett

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Ian Stafford is a former British Special Forces soldier and Afghanistan war veteran who still has nightmares after watching his best friend cut down by a sniper in a remote village in Afghanistan. When he sees a woman in a local pub being harassed and threatened, he intervenes. During the ensuing brawl, the woman escapes, but Ian accidentally stabs one of his attackers who later dies. Ian is charged with manslaughter, and the woman who can exonerate him has disappeared.

Megan Brady and her father Daniel never imagined that the thoroughbred colt they raised from birth would grow up to be a contender for the British Triple Crown. Seabiscuit II is the last horse you might imagine as a champion if judged by looks alone. Like his namesake, Seabiscuit II is not much to look at, but has a heart as big as all outdoors, and refuses to be beaten. Unfortunately, the Irish mob has also taken notice, and has approached Megan’s brother Stephen with an offer of a bribe to purposely lose the most important race of his career. Stephen refused, and Megan has taken it upon herself to thwart the mob, but their brutal tactics nearly see her raped until Ian steps in to save her. Megan knows she must come out of hiding to exonerate Ian, but knows if she does, the mob will be there too. Meanwhile the date of the big race approaches.

Can Megan’s example of courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and the will to prevail even when the going looks tough, help Ian come to grips with his grief, and give him the courage to forgive himself and allow himself to live and love again? Will Ian be able to trust Megan with his heart?

Audiobook Clip:

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What makes this a must-listen audiobook?

Kimberly Beckett weaves a wondrous tale of love in her second novel Racing Toward Love. Will Ian overcome his PTSD? Will Megan be able help him while keeping her family and their racehorse safe from the Irish mob? It is a fast paced read and kept me interested from the moment I opened the book. Congratulations to the author on a great second book!

I couldn't put the book down! It was so suspenseful that I needed to know what happened next. I love how this book was a continuation of one of the characters in her previous book. Well written with the focus on suspense and keeping you on your toes.


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Author Biography:

As long as I can remember, I have loved horses. I wore out four rocking horses before I was 5-years-old. My parents thought my horse craziness was a passing phase, but I’m over 50, and I haven’t outgrown it yet. As soon as I got my first attorney job (I became an attorney so I could afford to own and board a horse of my own) I bought my first horse. Since then, I have always owned at least one horse. I now own a Trakehner gelding named Wycliff and compete as an adult amateur at dressage. In 2016 I earned my USDF Bronze medal.

I have an artistic side as well. I was the first Music/Pre-law major Ohio Northern University ever graduated, and though I majored in clarinet, I also played saxophone and flute in the jazz band, and French Horn in marching band. I also can play a little piano, and I sang choir in college. I have not performed or played music in quite some time (my riding takes up most of my spare time), but I love music.

My day job is something completely different. I have been a civilian attorney for the Department of Defense for nearly 30 years. I’ve served as labor and employment lawyer and a government contract attorney, both of which can be challenging and rewarding, AND I make enough money to own my own horse. :>)

In 2012, my life completely changed. In the fall of 2012, my parents passed away 11 days apart, and as the oldest child, and the lawyer in the family, I became the responsible party for all aspects of the settlement of their estates, their trust, and keeping my family together – all while working full time and keeping my dressage horse in training. One day, mentally and emotionally exhausted, I needed an escape, and reached for my favorite romance novel from my teenage years, Shanna, by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I remembered how much I had enjoyed reading romance as a teenager, and promptly re-read every Kathleen Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey, and Julie Garwood book available, then moved on to binge read some of today’s most popular authors – Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh, Tessa Dare, Elizabeth Hoyt, Loretta Chase, and Grace Burrowes.

It was a friend who suggested maybe I should write. I remarked during lunch that I read nearly 1 romance novel a day. She suggested that maybe I should think about writing a romance novel, especially since I’m approaching retirement, and could actually make some money doing it. Coincidentally, at about that same time, Grace Burrowes was offering a writer’s retreat to Scotland. I decided to go, and Grace read my preliminary attempts, gave me some really valuable advice, and my first pitch to a publisher resulted in a contract.

I look forward to hearing from readers! I live in southwest Ohio, but the web lets me hear from anyone. Please contact me via my site or social media.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing your audiobook in our Celebrate Audiobook Month event. What a fantastic cover and blurb!

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