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Raven's Moon by J.B. Dane is a Paranormal/Paranormal Romance Event pick #uf #paranormal #comedicmystery #giveaway



Author: J.B. Dane


Genre: Urban Fantasy PI Mystery Comedy


Book Blurb: 


Otherworld evil is loose in the real world. Bram Farrell, Private Investigator, must track it down and destroy it before it destroys him.

Bram Farrell has starred in twenty bestselling novels by writer—and witch—Calista Amberson. Her fans love the tall, dark, and handsome PI who vanquishes supernatural bad guys using his magical powers. So, when Calista uses her magic to pull Bram from his fictional world into real-world, modern-day Detroit, she rocks both worlds.

Every supernatural being on Earth felt his arrival in this dimension. They don't trust Calie’s intentions and Bram doesn't either. When the supernatural community hands him the job of discovering who killed the beings in the real world that match those he killed in each volume of The Raven Tales, he takes on the task. It’s a job he’s done in twenty books—he’s up to the familiar challenge.

Bram’s investigation turns up a lot of suspicious characters grouchy bar-owning trolls, a thirsty vampire godfather, a couple of murderous x-cage fighters, a suspicious minister—and the Devil himself. Things are getting dicey: Bram could use some help with this job—but whom can he trust?

Fortunately, he gains a hellhound partner who prefers to manifest as a mild mannered black and tan dachshund. Until trouble manifests, of course.

Fans of Jim Butcher will fall hard for Bram and RAVEN’S MOON.



With Kit’s kiss still ringing chimes in my system, I ducked through the ropes and into the ring. Eugene lied about my opponent being a “boy”. Mutant gorilla was closer to the truth. He had at least three inches on me in height and those simian arms were going to be difficult to get within to do damage and then nip out again.


Eugene climbed in the ring. “Gents, we got us a new contender for Joey to toy with.”


That would be me.


“We want this fight to be a good one so here’s the rules. Elbows to the ribs –”


For illustration purposes, Split-Nose drove one of his into mine.


“Perfectly okay to do,” he said. “And this –” His fist rammed into my kidneys. “…also okay.”


“Glad you made that clear,” I gasped. “What about this?” I slammed my fist into his solar plexus. “Or this?” Cleaned his clock with a blow on the chin. “Those okay, too?”


As Erskine keeled over, I cocked a questioning eyebrow at Joey. “Fine by me,” he said.


“Great. Any other rules we should discuss, or should we just move to name calling and posturing?”


He was already posturing, legs braced, arms bent, hands flexing into fists then relaxing briefly before knotting up again.


“Pansy,” he said.


Insults it was.


“Flower picker,” I countered, and cracked my neck. Some thoughtful soul hastily dragged the unconscious Eugene out of stepping on distance.


“Motherfucker.” Joe was upping the ante.


“Probably,” I agreed, “but not likely yours.”


“Why you –”


I ducked the blow.


The next blow brushed my unshaven chin as I leaned back to avoid it. The follow up wasn’t as easy to escape. Satan’s spawn! The real world hurt like hell!


Joey took aim at my stomach and let fly. I flew backwards, hitting the ropes.


“Don’t think, act,” Kit instructed. Beelzie barked some instructions of his own. She’d picked him up so he could observe my being taken down a few pegs.


“Hey, I’m still on my feet!” For how long was debatable.


Gorilla Joe closed in ready to re-pummel my solar plexus. Leaning back on the ropes, I kicked him in the nuts.


Big mistake. The crowd turned rabid. Joey shook it off.


I damaged my knuckles on his jaw. He staggered back a step. I ducked under his next blow. On my feet behind him, I slammed a foot at the back of his knee. Joe crumpled forward, catching himself on his hands.


I danced off to the corner where Kit was. “How many hours have I been in here?”


“Maybe 90 seconds,” she said.


“Shit. Any new suggestions?”


Beelzie rolled his lip back showing nice sharp dental work.


“I’m not going to bite him,” I told the dog, then turned to where Joey was pushing to his feet. “Hey, Joe! The dog thinks you might taste like pork. I told him chicken. Which of us is right?”


He did a pretty good imitation of a gorilla’s roar and, head down rather like a charging bull, he rushed me. I let him come within a hair of ramming me and slipped aside. His head connected quite well with the turnbuckle’s post.


“Foul!” someone yelled. It was the tamest word I heard.


Joey was pulling himself back up. “’Salright,” he muttered but he only had eyes for me.


“Yer slippery,” he said. “But yer going down.”


Totally expected that.


He lunged for my feet. I jumped as hastily as I would had his arms been life sucking tentacles. Been there, survived that.


He rolled over, bowling me down to the canvas. Then he was straddling me, ramming blows at my face. At this rate, there would be no second round.


Then the bell rang.


Joey abided by its message though and got off me. I crawled over to where Kit and Beelzie stood.


“Am I winning yet?” I asked, leaning back against the ropes, legs spread out before me on the canvas. “You’re ahead on points for stupid remarks,” she said.


“Ah, well, as long as I’ve got that covered,” I murmured.


“Have you got enough in you to outlast Joey?”


“Debatable,” I said.


“Then I’ll give you something to help,” she said and drawing my face around kissed me again. It was long, slow and warm. Rehabilitating. Suddenly not a bruised or battered bit of me ached.


Before she withdrew, I slid a hand to the nape of her neck to hold her in place. “What did you just do?” I asked quietly against her lips.


I felt hers curve in a smile. “Gave you a bit of these assholes’ life force. I’ve been siphoning bits ever since we walked in the door in anticipation.”


“And if I hadn’t needed it?”


The grin widened more. “I wouldn’t need dinner,” she said. “Go get ‘em, killer.”


Energy seemed to pulse through my veins as I pulled myself upright on the ropes, faking weakness now.


“That’s some woman you got there,” Joey said as he thundered to the center of the ring again. “When this is over, I’m taking her for mine.”


“You’d regret that,” I warned. Succubus, after all.


While his left sailed toward my face, his right was zeroing in on my gut. Before either fist connected, I smashed my foot down on his, ducked beneath his left and landed a blow alongside his nose.


Joe rocked back but kept his balance. He wasn’t their local champ for nothing. He was bleeding and ignoring it.


I jabbed again. “How long?” I yelled to Kit.


“Ninety seconds!”


What was this, a special number or something?


I danced back from Joey. “Let’s make it a hell of a lot less,” I suggested to him.


He was beyond coherent conversation and merely grunted.


I rammed my shoulder into his chest, felling him. “Sorry about this,” I said as I stuck his jaw.


You could almost see the stars and tweeting birdies circling his head before he passed out.


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


As the first book in an Urban Fantasy series that mixes humor, a PI solving cases that don’t involved many “normal” people, and has been collecting 5* reviews, RAVEN’S MOON is a great start to meeting the cast. The 4th book is out now with the firth coming this fall, so there’s plenty to read as Spring moves into Summer. I adore hanging out with Bram Farrell, my fictional (in more ways than one) hero and Beelz, our mostly tame hellhound. I hope you will, too!


Giveaway –


Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card:



Open Internationally.

Runs April 9 – April 17, 2024.

Winner will be drawn on April 18, 2024.


Author Biography:


J.B. Dane is the author of the urban fantasy PI mystery comedy series, The Raven Tales, which includes novels published by Burns and Lea Books, and a series of Indie published novellas and short stories that are prequels and also "between the books" adventures of her MC, Bram Farrell. The 3rd novel in the series is RAVEN'S EDGE was honored with a spot in the Winner’s Circle for 2022 at N.N. Lights’ Book Heaven. The 4th novel, RAVEN CROSSES THE LINE, snagged a finalist spot in 2023. Quite a few 5* reviews have followed for the novels, in particular, singing praises that should make her blush though she’s too busy proudly polishing her nails against her lapel to do so. She also writes shorter fantasy fiction, many tales of which have appeared in anthologies, particularly her Nick Claus, North Pole Security stories. She writes historical and contemporary romantic mystery and speculative twisted 19th century fiction under two different names, just to confuse people. Or so they seem to think.


Social Media Links:


Website  Click on JB Dane in the menu

On Facebook JBDane Mystery and Fantasy

On Twitter @JBDaneWriter


Apr 14

one of my fave pnr’s is Half Blood Academy by Meg Xuemei


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 09

Thank you, JB, for sharing your book in our Paranormal/Paranormal Romance Bookish Event

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