Secrets and Assumptions by @JaneDrager is a Shake Off WinterDoldrums Festival Pick #books #giveaway


Author: Jane Drager

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Teegan Smith, a bona fide genius, never intended to hide her identity, but Budd Richardson’s assumptions about women got a bit under her skin. From the beginning, the attraction between them is strong. Teegan and Budd feel it…and Budd's stalker sees it. As a special ops agent for the FBI, Teegan is assigned to help capture the stalker, a dangerous killer whose body count rises with each encounter. She struggles in a triple role of protecting Budd, maintaining the secrecy of her job, and fighting an overwhelming desire to bed the man. The stalker sees through Teegan's charade and goes after her with a vengeance. A setup to capture the stalker turns into a disaster. Now more than ever will her training be put to the test. She must risk her very existence to defeat a criminal mastermind and race to save the man she loves.


Teegan stepped into the light, pistol ready.

Anna’s head shot up. Hatred flashed in her dark eyes while her smile disappeared into a nervous quiver. She's not so cocky while staring at the barrel of a gun.

“I knew you weren't dead, Miss Fancy Pants, but there was no way I could descend the ravine and expect to get out with a bad arm.”