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Shiftless in Sheboygan by Zanna Archer is an Indie Reads pick #pnr #indiereads #giveaway

Title: Shiftless in Sheboygan


Author: Zanna Archer


Genre: Paranormal Romance


Book Blurb:


     Unlike other shape-shifters, Steffi Anbruzzen can take any biological shape. When she loses this ability the Organization to Assist, Support, and Inform Shape-shifters (OASIS) seizes the opportunity to eliminate her fearsome power by appointing a sexy Canadian werewolf ostensibly to help her but really to distract her until her window for recovery closes.


     The more Sawyer Montaigne comes to know Steffi, the more he desires her and wants to support her. A reformed playboy, he must mate with a female werewolf or be ostracized by the Montaigne pack.


     Having already lost her ability to shift, will Steffi also lose her heart to someone who has sworn to betray her, or will Sawyer’s attraction to Steffi extinguish his loyalty to OASIS and his pack?




Tall, dark, and indecently handsome, he looked like he owned the whole damned hotel, restaurant included. He bestowed smiles on every female he encountered. From grandma to teenager, server to customer, they looked ready to fall into those long arms swathed in the charcoal gray sleeves of a well-tailored suit. Despite the smile, he moved like a predator. Even from a distance, Steffi’s skin prickled beneath his power.


In a few long strides, he stood at her table. “Miss Anbruzzen?”


The flutters in her belly flipped like Olympic gymnasts. Close up, the man looked even better than he had at the bar. A wing of black hair swept over a broad


forehead. His nose had taken a few punches, and thick werewolf brows brought out deep-set gray eyes. A generous mouth and a jaw like granite suggested an intriguing blend of soft and hard. “Mister Montaigne? Or do you prefer Monsieur Montaigne?” According to Ellyn’s message, he was French Canadian.


His eyes opened wider. She’d caught him off-guard. Good.


“I prefer Sawyer.”


So he leaped to a first-name basis. Like a Mentor. At least he had better credentials. “Steffi.”


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Steffi.”


Huge hands but a comfortable grip. “You could have fooled me.” Withdrawing her hand, she indicated not the seat he stood by, but the one on the opposite side of the small table.


Without breaking eye contact, he slipped into the chair he’d chosen. “What makes you say that?”


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Shiftless in Sheboygan





What makes your featured book a must-read?


The story has captured the attention of a variety of adult readers from academics to traditional romance lovers, male and female. Even one reviewer who didn’t like the characters found it well written and evidently read it to the end. 


Giveaway –


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Runs December 5 – December 14, 2023.


Winner will be drawn on December 15, 2023.


Author Biography:


Born in Baltimore, Maryland, I began to writing at age twelve when I received a portable Smith-Corona typewriter for Christmas. (My mother thought I'd make a good secretary.) I was a staff writer with Maryland Public Broadcasting in its infancy (1969-1972) but left to go "back to the land" AKA my hippie days, where I wrote confession stories and did contractual work with MPB to keep us financially afloat. I started writing romances in the late 1980s with no success and put them aside to earn a PhD in English and teach writing not as much fun). Upon retiring in 2014, I returned to romance with more success than my earlier efforts. When I’m not writing, I am doing water aerobics, walking in the parks and watching birds, playing with Coconut (the smartest cat I’ve ever known, attending the live broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera, and spending time with my two beautiful granddaughters, who are growing up much too soon. 


Social Media Links:


Facebook (Zanna Archer)

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