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New Release | Sri Devi Mahatmyam for Kids - Glories of the Feminine God in Hinduism #books #hinduism

Title: Sri Devi Mahatmyam for Kids - Glories of the Feminine God in Hinduism

Author: Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar

Genre: Non-Fiction, Religion & Spirituality, Hinduism

Book Blurb:

Devi - the Feminine God in Hinduism - is very popular among Hindus in India and around the world. She represents various forms, energies and forces. She is the Mother. She is the Protector. She is the SuperHero. She is the Destroyer. She is Beautiful. She is Scary. She is Money. She is Knowledge. She is Sound. She is Light. She is Everything.

Devi Mahatmyam, also known as Chandi Paath or Durga Sapta Shati, contains the glories and origins of Devi. It has a mystical blend of awe inspiring battles combined with deep religious teachings, philosophy & devotion. It is the only Religious text, among all major world religions, which proclaims, worships and glorifies the Supreme power as a Female.

For the first time, this is a brand new 'For Kids' edition of the Devi Mahatmyam. The original has been simplified and retold to make it easy for Kids. This includes making the language simpler and modern, explaining the background and concepts mentioned in the original text as well as adding questions and answers. There are also, specially created for this book, beautiful illustrations that your kids can color and personalize!

Devi Mahatmyam for Kids is a guidebook to help your children start on an amazing spiritual journey of self discovery with Devi - the Feminine Creator of the Universe.


Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and all the Devas along with Indra then met together. After long discussion and debate, they thought of seeking help from Devi, the Supreme power that created, runs and destroys the Universe. For this, they began to focus and unite their energies. This combined focus of energy increasingly became intense and reached a point where a great beam of ultra high energy light came out of their foreheads and merged at a single point. Red light came out of Brahma’s forehead, White light out of Shiva’s forehead and Blue light out of Vishnu’s forehead. Multi-colored light came out of Indra’s forehead. Many such lights came out of the foreheads of various Devas. All these lights blended together to form a single ultra powerful beam of light. It was so strong and powerful that it blinded everyone around and almost blew them all away. The light then grew bigger and stronger, the size of a giant Mountain and shined so brightly that everyone in the Universe saw their respective skies light up!

This amazing ultra powerful force of energy light, invoked Devi who instantly took a beautiful and powerful Female form and Her radiance filled the Universe! All the Devas saw the Female Devi and became very happy! They saw Her splendor, majesty & aura became hopeful of their future under Her protection. They each started giving her a weapon.

The beautiful yet scary Devi smiled and then the Devi laughed and laughed. The sound of Her laughter was so long, so loud, so high and so terrifying that it caused the entire Universe to rumble and tremble! All the living beings in all the worlds in the Universe were scared upon hearing Her laughter. All the planets and the oceans within them and the mountains on them shook because of Her laughter. The Devas heard her Laughter and became happy with joy. They shouted “Jai Devi…! Victory to Devi…!” and then they all bowed down to Her!

Seeing the blinding light and hearing the deafening laughter of the Devi - the wicked Asuras (Demons) got alarmed and a bit scared. Who is this? they thought. Scared, they picked up their weapons and ran out towards their King Mahish Asura. He gathered them together in an Army just in time to find Devi standing next to them! “Hah! It’s just a woman!” thought Mahish Asura and laughed. He then commanded his Army to kill Her. But they, unlike him, were not so sure of their victory. Devi’s bright shining splendor was blinding and appeared to pervade the entire Universe. Devi’s footsteps were causing the Earth to shake. Devi’s shiny armor and crown were causing the Sky to brighten. Devi twanged the string of her Bow and the tremor sound shook the Universe. Devi faced the Asuras and behold! Her Eighteen hands unfurled like a giant fan behind Her back!

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Author Biography:

Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar experienced his first miracle at the age of 10 while growing up in India. He has experienced several miracles since then as he lived across the world in India, Dubai and USA.

Ishwar is a Hindu and has read and studied the holy books of all major religions including: Hinduism (Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads, Vedanta), Christianity (Bible), Islam (Quran), Buddhism (Dhammapada), Jainism (Akaranga Sutra), Judaism (Tanakh), Sikhism (Guru Granth Sahib), Taoism (Tao te Ching), Shinto (Kojiki) and Zoroastrianism (Avesta).

Ishwar is currently working as a Software Engineering Manager for Google in California. Before that, he has worked for Microsoft, Ericsson, Symantec, Anheuser Busch and other companies in Dubai and India. He also co-founded several startups where he filed patents and built unique and innovative apps.

Ishwar majored in English and History. He has read and self-studied the books ‘The Art of Computer Programming’ which are among the top 20 scientific monographs of the last century along with The Collected Papers of Einstein.

Ishwar does Transcendental Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga. He has run a Full Marathon (26.2 miles / 42.1 kms), earned a Red belt in Tae Kwon Do and climbed Mt. Rainier (14,400 feet). In his spare time these days, he likes to ride his SuperSport Motorcycle.

Ishwar is happily married to Pallavi and they live with their two daughters Samriddhi and Samraadni in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Barbara Bettis
27 Eki 2022

Fascinating. I had to smile at Mahish Asura thinking, "Hah! It's just a woman!"

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