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5+ stars for Star Cruise: Dream Dancer by Veronica Scott #romanticscifi #scifiromance #romance #bookreview

Title: Star Cruise: Dream Dancer

Author: Veronica Scott

Genre: Romantic Science Fiction, Science Fiction Romance


Book Blurb:


Micki Allwell is a Comettes dancer aboard the luxurious interstellar cruise liner Nebula Zephyr. She’s offered the opportunity to take part in a celebrity dance contest to be held on the ship but her partner is a billionaire without dance experience or much interest in the contest, which his powerful family has pressured him to enter for their own reasons.

Josh Benfield has a galaxy of business deals going on every hour of the day, all over the Sectors. He has no time for dancing but his professional partner is an intriguing woman who insists he take the competition seriously. He knows she has secrets and he’s intrigued.

The intimacy of partnering in dance sparks a romance between the two of them but how long can it last?

Will seven weeks of competition in close quarters aboard the ship be enough to make Micki and Josh permanent partners? Or will the stark differences in their lives and pasts lead to heartbreak? And who is going to take home the trophy?

This 54K word novel is the latest in the Star Cruise series. Have you booked your Star Cruise yet?


My Review:


Can professional dancer Micki and billionaire businessman Josh take home the dance contest trophy? Star Cruise Dream Dancer is a fun-filled romantic science fiction with intriguing characters, a fast-moving plot, opposites attract romance, and an original spin on celebrity dance contests. I love the way Veronica Scott takes the popularity of celebrity dance shows and injects it into her bestselling Star Cruise series. Star Cruise Dream Dancer is a feast for science fiction and romance readers alike.


Let’s start with the characters. Micki is a dancer on the luxury interstellar cruise ship who’s looking for her big break. An opportunity falls into her lap but she’s not sure what will happen. Micki is such a great heroine and very relatable. I connected with her right away.


Josh is a billionaire who is out of his element in this dance contest. He’d much rather be making deals than learning dance moves. But there’s something about his partner which tickles his fancy. She’s different than the rest of the ladies he’s been around. I liked Josh. He’s the perfect hero because while he’s very rich, he works hard too. He’s a virile man who has depth.


The rest of the characters round out the cast well. Each character in Star Cruise Dream Dancer has their own voice and personality. If you’ve read other books in this series, you’ll see a few characters from previous books.


What makes Star Cruise Dream Dancer so fabulous is the original plot. A celebrity dance contest set on a space cruise ship…I was so in my element while reading. Veronica Scott takes readers behind the scenes of a dance contest so we can view all that takes place. The training, the dancing, the tension, the romance, the ups and downs all combine to make Star Cruise Dream Dancer impossible to put down.


If you’re a fan of celebrity dance shows, you’ll want to read Star Cruise Dream Dancer. If you love romantic science fiction with an imaginative spin, pick up this book.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


USA Today Best Selling Author


Veronica Scott grew up in a house with a library as its heart. Dad loved science fiction, Mom loved ancient history and Veronica thought there needed to be more romance in everything. When she ran out of books to read, she started writing her own stories.


Seven-time winner of the SFR Galaxy Award, as well as a National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, Veronica is also the proud recipient of a NASA Exceptional Service Medal relating to her former day job, not her romances!


 She read the part of Star Trek Crew Member in the official audiobook production of Harlan Ellison’s “The City On the Edge of Forever.”


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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