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Looking for a holiday gift for those who love sweet romance? #giftguide #sweetromance #romance

Looking for a holiday gift for those who love sweet romance? Check out these featured books...

It Started with a Christmas Kiss by Alanna Lucas

Forced to leave the family home a fortnight before Christmas! While her employer and friend lay dying, Emme promised Mirabel Youngwin that her five young daughters would stay together, vowing to herself she would never be parted from them either. Now, two years later, the children’s father has also passed. Thrown out of the family home, Emme must find somewhere for her and her charges to stay until their new guardian arrives—when they will most likely be taken to start a new life without her. With Christmas quickly approaching, and nowhere else to turn to, she heads to the Home for Desolate Ladies, to take refuge there and work out how she can prevent herself from being separated from her beloved girls. Stranded on a roadside after their carriage breaks down, Emme is grateful when a gentleman stops to help. Lord Luke Parker is handsome, kind, and good with the children, and she can’t help being drawn to him. So when Luke arrives at the Home a few days before Christmas to announce that he’s been appointed as the sisters’ guardian, she’s presented with a heartrending dilemma. How can she persuade Luke not to dismiss her—and if she succeeds, stop herself from falling for him even more deeply?

Theo – Last Man Standing by Suzanne Winslow

Theo Thomas chose his aviation career over love. A confirmed bachelor, he’s the last unmarried man among his closest peers. When a Southern California heat wave coincides with a power outage, he’s forced to his friends’ house. He’s surprised to discover their house sitter is the woman who’d forged his opinion on marriage seventeen years ago.

Chief Information Officer Emma Wilson never gave up on love, but try as she might, she hasn’t found anything close to what she felt for Theo—despite hard feelings on both sides. When a new job takes her back to California, she dreads the possibility of seeing him again. So of course, fate lands him right on her doorstep.

As grudges fade and resentment slowly turns to forgiveness, Theo sees life offering him a second chance, but Emma isn’t a starry-eyed girl anymore. She’s a woman who knows her worth, and this time, Theo will have to fight for what he wants.

If You Believe in Love: A Christmas in Angels Glen story by Luanna Stewart

A blizzard … Krista Rhodes has seen a few in her lifetime.

Snowed in for days … once, when she was a kid.

Trapped in a house with Dr. Dreamboat … never saw that one coming. Not only cute, he’s also funny and kind and strong and how can she resist?

Eric Monroe has it all mapped out – drive cross-country to a new job with a brief stop to celebrate a buddy’s engagement. A giant detour with a beautiful, witty, no-nonsense woman makes the journey more fun than he ever thought possible. And bonus – he’s moving to her town.

Except she’s got something she has to do. Maybe. And he can’t ask her to change her plans. Can he?


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