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Looking for a holiday gift for those who love sweet romance? #holidaygiftguide #sweetromance  

Looking for a holiday gift for those who love sweet romance? Check out these featured books...


Lights, Camera, Christmas Town! by Cheryl Harper, Beth Carpenter, Melinda Curtis, LeAnne Bristow, Tanya Agler, Anna J. Stewart, Cari Lynn Webb, Liz Flaherty


You’re invited behind the scenes of a romance movie set in small, snowy Christmas Town, where you’ll discover eight feel good, sweet romances unfolding among the film’s cast and crew.Welcome back to Christmas Town, Maine!What could make the holidays in Christmas Town even more magical? The arrival of a TV movie’s cast and crew to recreate one of their most beloved couple’s happily ever after!The snow is falling, the chestnuts are roasting, and Posey’s peppermint pies can’t keep up with demand! But there’s also mischief afoot as filming begins. Someone keeps sneaking Elmer the Elf into scenes, the town is buzzing with romantic gossip, and the Knotty Elves once again turn their creative endeavors from knitting to helping others find true love.You’ve got a VIP pass…This collection of brand-new stories gives you an all-access pass to the holiday festivities and movie merrymaking. From the producer to the director, the lead actors to the extras, the production crew and beyond, this set of connected, sweet romances from Harlequin Heartwarming authors is sure to win warm your holiday-loving heart!Compare this read to movies like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Love, Actually, as well as all the good feels of a Hallmark, UPTV or Great American Family TV movie. Inside, you’ll find stories featuring best friend to lovers, best friend’s older brother, teen crush, opposites attract, second chance, reunion, bad boy, and later in life romances.




The Bells of St. Dickens by Judy Kentrus


Karla Sorensen dreamed of restoring the bells of the old church in downtown Dickens. She felt a deep connection to the place, as her great-great-grandfather, Sorenson, was the first pastor there back in 1870.


Karla's two-year project is nearing its deadline, and she's struggling to gather the funds required for the necessary repairs. She's been conducting online visits as Mrs. Claus to raise funds. However, her concerns are mounting as her online visitations start to decrease. To make matters worse, she discovers that her competition is none other than the Grinch.


Sebastian Nielson is a devoted single father, taking care of his six-year-old daughter and teenage son. Karla Sorensen has always had a significant place in his heart, as their high school romance ended abruptly when he left for college. However, he still has no idea why she ended their relationship.


He is the music teacher at Dickens High School and leads an exceptional jazz ensemble that he has entered state competitions. Unfortunately, the instruments used by the ensemble are outdated, and there are no funds available to replace them. Secretly, he has been earning money by impersonating the Grinch online to purchase new equipment.


It will take the spirit of Christmas for Karla and Sebastian to rediscover their first love, and opposing sides can work together to make the bells chime. 



Kringle All the Way by Judy Kentrus


Freja Sorenson is content running 2 Sisters Kringle and Fudge, their family business in Dickens.  She decides to rent out the back apartment in her big Victorian home. She’s taken aback when the man who once held a special place in her heart wants to rent the space. Once a loving couple, she suffered his betrayal when he shared her secret ingredient with her biggest contender when she competed in her culinary school’s distinguished bake-off.


Her grandmother always said, “Why cry over spilled milk?  You can’t fix what already happened.”  Can she forgive him for his betrayal?


Axel Frost became mother and father to his two young granddaughters after their parents were tragically killed.  He moved Holly and Ivy to Dickens for a fresh start and opened a hobby shop, Trains Planes and Automobiles.  When the house he's renting is sold, two weeks before Christmas, Axel is desperate to find them a new home.


His best friends told him about a great apartment, but he’s leery when he learns his landlord will be Freja Sorenson.  Together for five months, she unexpectedly ended their loving relationship. After all these years, he’s determined to find out why she broke his heart. 


Is it possible Christmas is a time for forgiveness and maybe a second chance at love?



No Insurance for a Miracle: A Claus for Christmas by Sarah Lamb


When Pressman’s Christmas Tree Farm goes up in flames only weeks before Christmas, Stuart seeks help from his insurance agent. However, he wasn’t expecting her to be a female version of Scrooge.


Alison doesn’t like Christmas and could care less about the upset man in front of her, handsome or not. Fresh trees are wasteful, bad for the environment, and what kind of grownup makes his living in selling Christmas cheer?


Other than giving the minimum payout, she doesn't have any personal interest in the case. To be honest, she hates Christmas. It’s filled with nothing but bad memories.


Stuart is praying for a miracle. Allison just wants to put the whole season behind her. Then she discovers some of the reasons Stuart is so desperate to save his farm and make it a success.


Will Allison let herself get caught up in the magic of the season? Can a Christmas miracle really happen not just for him, but her too?


Multiple authors are bringing you sweet, clean Christmas romance books to fill you up with holiday cheer!


1.    Christmas

2.    Love

3.    Joy

4.    Family

5.    Lots of romance


11.24: All We Left Unspoken - T. Thomas

11.28: Make You Feel My Love - Bonnie J Poirier

12.01: The Coffee Claus - Taylor Jade

12.05: No Insurance for a Miracle - Sarah Lamb

12.12: A Room at the Inn - Becca Sands

12.15: The Santa Clause - Annee Jones

12.19 - Written in the Snow - E.S. McMillan

12.22: Christmas by the Mile - Tamrin Banks

12.25: If Tomorrow Never Comes - Bonnie J Poirier

12.26: Gingerbread - Miski Harris

12.29: A Lost Claus - Chloe James



A Christmas Cannoli Kiss by Anne Armistead


When Isabella decides to move back home to Pittsburgh, she doesn't expect to meet her teen crush Nate on the flight home…or to find out that he has come back to turn the beloved neighborhood corner bakery into a parking deck. Can Isabella cook up a solution that will save the bakery and their romance in time for A Christmas Cannoli Kiss?








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