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5 stars for Swimming in Puddles: Create an Abundant Life by @TheClintLowe #fiction #selfhelp #books

Title: Swimming in Puddles: Create an Abundant Life from Limited Circumstances

Author: Clint Lowe

Genre: Fiction, Self-Help

Book Blurb:

Want a meaningful life? This innovative story reveals brave methods that will help you build a confident personality and an abundant life.

Joey is a young man struggling through life when he meets Art, an old wise boxing trainer, who challenges him to work at his gym and learn to fight for a meaningful life.

Joey apathetically begins scrubbing Art's gymnasium and carting sloppy spit buckets. Gradually Joey is sparked into attempting to start his own business and into trying to woo a girl at the local grocers.

Both dreams fail.

With Joey defeated and depressed, can he fight hard to change his emotions, mentality, and actions to start the business, win the young girl's affections, and create an abundant life?

My Review:

Joey doesn't know where his life is going and is looking for direction when he meets Art, an old boxing trainer. Art convinces Joey to fight for the life he wants. This inspires Joey and he takes up Art's offer and goes to work at Art's gym. He starts at the bottom and does the crummy job of cleaning out buckets. But the harder he works, the more Joey begins to understand what Art is trying to teach him. These life lessons are not easy but worth the effort. Can Joey finally understand what Art means when he encourages him to swim in puddles?

Swimming in Puddles is a novel approach to a self-help book. It's a fictional story but is filled with great advice and steps to take to live a meaningful life. They include:

• Shakespeare and Mozart Principle – the ability to learn and then create. • Leonardo Da Vinci and Mona Lisa Principle – how to create a vision to transform your life. • Dunkin’ the Donuts – which simple choices make massive changes. • Controlling the Bombastic – how to calm your mind to make well-balanced decisions. • Create Your State – use your emotions to create the best results.

But what makes this such a powerful read is the character Joey. We've all been where Joey is: rock bottom. It's not easy to see much when you're wallowing in mucky darkness. But with these principles, you can create the life you've always wanted. Clint Lowe's writing style is easy to read and follow. It's almost like talking to a friend or mentor. If you're looking for a fresh start or in need of motivation, pick up Swimming in Puddles today. Fans of Tuesdays With Morrie will love this book. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

CLINT LOWE'S stories are a wild mingle of the exotic, the heroic, and the romantic. He lives by the beach in Melbourne, Australia. Although he has been spotted driving through the hills and narrow streets of Europe, sleeping in the lease car.

Clint is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. And teaches all aspects of the craft on his YouTube channel Write Heroes.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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