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Taken by a Mountain Man by @MarinBlack7 is a Love and Romance Book Festival Pick #eroticromance

Title: Taken by a Mountain Man

Author: Marin Black

Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Amee Colburn wants to leave the past behind by hiking up to the highest peak of the Smoky Mountains, but there’s a storm of attraction waiting for her at the top.

Pierce Levy, the hot mountain man who owns the rustic camp she checks into, is dealing with a salacious error that only magnifies the carnal pull between them.

Time spent with Pierce is challenging—not to mention dangerous and compelling—both on the trail and in a more intimate setting. For Amee, outdoor adventure has never been so stimulating.


Turning to him, I took a deep breath and met his piercing blue eyes. “This is perfect.”

I let my gaze run over him, over the chest that had been built up by cutting the very wood that surrounded us, down to his tapered torso, his muscular legs. And back up to eyes holding the same interest that had perked up in me the minute he stepped from his office.

The air he’d apparently been holding in his lungs slipped from him in a whoosh. In one motion his arms were around me and my back was pressed against the doorframe.

His lips hovered an inch from mine. “Damned gorgeous.” He leaned closer. “And fascinating.”

A cloud of sandalwood and cedar enveloped me, making my knees weak as his lips crashed into mine and fire burst through me. I gripped his shoulders, my fingers digging into soft, thick flannel. Pleasure streaked through me, and the need to learn each intimate detail of this man.

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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?

My favorite part about being a romance author is being able to create a world where I can make anything happen. That is, until the characters take it over. I guess my characters take after me, they don’t listen very well.

Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:

Forget the candy and flowers, real romance is born when one person gets to know the other deeply and acts mindfully on that knowledge, to please the other. Show how much you care by doing something special for them, and connect further. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.


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Author Biography:

Marin has the mountains in her blood, heart, and soul. Her favorite romances would include an untamed setting (maybe an Irish ruin), a historical love affair (especially if there’s a ghost), or just a bad boy with a good heart.

She loves to spend time with her son, hike, travel to wild and remote places, read, and camp in insanely crowded campgrounds—so she can burn all the food, keep the neighbors up all night with her campfire, and dream about what her characters will do next. And even though she writes “smut,” she still loves Jesus. At home, she loves to create new characters and their worlds, and is a freelance editor too. Sign up for a free book and see where she’s going next at

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Barbara Bettis
Feb 03, 2020

I love the concept of the mountains, and to visit is delightful...but I'm not basically an out-door kinda gal. I recall driving through the northern California mountains years ago--and being terrified of crashing :) Best of luck with your book Marin.


Unknown member
Feb 02, 2020

I really want to read this book. I love to read about the people and families that live in the mountains. If I could do the hiking I use to, I would hike my rear up in those mountains. I love when I fly over them. Wondering what its like to live there.

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