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5 stars for Terror's Sword – A Kyle McEwan Novel by @KevinKuhens #thriller #espionagethriller #books

Title: Terror's Sword – A Kyle McEwan Novel

Author: Kevin Kuhens

Genre: Espionage Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Book Blurb:



A weapon of mass destruction.

Target: America.

Can one man stop them all?

A terrorist known only by the nom de guerre “Terror’s Sword” is barreling toward the US to attack it with an undetermined WMD. As millions of his citizens face certain death, the desperate president unleashes the last measure America’s chief executives use when conventional military and intelligence methods fail to eliminate national security threats — elite counterterrorism case officer Kyle McEwan. His mission: intercept and thwart the terror mastermind by any means necessary.

McEwan’s blistering international pursuit links scores of murders and kidnappings. He unmasks Terror’s Sword and identifies the deadly weapon but America’s greatest scientific minds — confounded by the genetically engineered bioagent — are powerless to develop a counteracting medical solution. With the fate of America and the entire world in McEwan’s hands and the terrorist on the verge of striking, can McEwan unravel the conspiracy in time and prevent an apocalyptic global pandemic?

This true-to-life thriller unveils the bureaucratic and political machinations that test McEwan’s courage and perseverance and vividly depicts the extreme measures he must take to defeat the bioterror threat.

My Review:

Do not be put off by the length of this work. This is like a precious gift that keeps gifting. The author's prose is captivating and you are not more than a few pages into the book before you have a hard time putting it down

The political intrigue is presented in Sorkinesque fashion. You feel your career is on the line as you delve into the politics of intelligence. The action scenes are edge-of-your-seat brilliant. You may find yourself gripping the reader or the book so tight, that your knuckles may bleed.

The author manages to tick almost all the boxes. There are a few people who do not seem to get what's coming to them...perhaps that will be in the next book.

Fans of this series will be eager to read this amazing work. If you have never read any part of it before (like myself), this book is perfect as a standalone. A must-read for Clancy fans. This book is the new and improved version of Ryan. A great book to read for action and intrigue fans.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

During an international career spanning over three decades, I served as a civilian special agent for two agencies of the US Department of Defense — the Office of Naval Intelligence, Naval Investigative Service (now known as NCIS) and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS). Throughout my career, I operated in the trenches alongside other US and foreign law enforcement, intelligence, and military professionals dedicated to defending and protecting their countries.

The ability of world governments to address bioterrorism and other dangers cannot be achieved without these dedicated men and women and their efforts are rarely disclosed to the public eye. I wrote Terror’s Sword to provide readers a behind-the-scenes look inside a realistic bioweapon threat and what committed public servants risk to protect their fellow citizens.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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