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5 stars for The Arrival of the Drakons by Francis Gerard #yalit #yafantasy #fantasy #dragons #books

Title: The Arrival of the Drakons

Author: Francis Gerard

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Dragons

Book Blurb:

Marvelously detailed and vividly imagined, Drakons offers readers a glimpse into an extraordinary human future, although one where the past is not quite the same as history books would have it.

Zade McDonald is a San bushman teenager living in the wilds of Botswana’s Okavango swamps. He is a shaman who can speak to animals, read minds, and connect with forces greater than himself. His powers are both a gift and a curse; and they haven’t gone unnoticed.

· Someone has been watching him.

· Someone who’s been studying humankind for millennia, just waiting for a person as incredible as Zade to come along.

· Someone who needs him for a task that could prevent the destruction of the entire universe.

Zade’s kind of power attracts both good and evil – and dark forces already have a hold on Zade. Will he choose the right path in time to save the people he loves?

The history of Earth as you know it is a lie. The future is upon us and only Zade has the power to change it.

This is a multi-layered and electrifying science fiction novel for teens and adults.

Gerard explores shamanism and the complexities of the universe, while enthralling readers with an action-packed and electrifying journey into how the choices Zade makes could determine the fate of the world…

My Review:

Who doesn't love dragons? Who doesn't love intricate world building? The Arrival of the Drakons is an all-encompassing book that will just sweep the reader along!

I wanted to start the New Year with a grand adventure and this book nailed that right off! Talk about hitting a resolution out of the park. I now only have to read books I am requested to read or ones that really capture me. The Arrival just said read me and I did!

If I had to find the key message from this epic it would be this...only by searching within can one truly see what is outside. There are layers and levels to this story.

You have an outer space adventure and you have an inter-planetary mystery that never lets up! The world building is simply incredible. The levels upon levels keep the reader fully engaged. If you want to get aboard one of the most intense reading experiences for 2023, then you want to read this book!

Fans of high quality YA adventure will want to read this. Fans of dragons will love this book. A really exciting way to start a New Year! Get this book and start the year with a great read!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

So, who is Francis Gerard. Well, if you google me, you are most likely to find my father, also named Francis Gerard, a novelist of some thirty novels - mostly written before the 39/45 war.

Since early childhood, I have been surrounded by books. Reading and writing is very much part of my family DNA.

I’ve been very lucky spending a lifetime as a storyteller, initially behind a camera as a photographer, then later as a film and TV director and more recently bringing stories to life in even more tangible forms designing exhibitions and even in one case a complete museum, the Origins Centre in Johannesburg.

PLEASE NOTE I HAVE A NEW BOOK ARRIVING NOVEMBER 2022 entitled 'THE ARRIVAL OF THE DRAKONS' - Please see part of a trance dance I was lucky to have been at in Botswana. The video is part of a museum I helped establish that showcases the San bushman way of life and its beliefs. It also gave me the idea for my Drakon book.

As a reader, I’ve been consuming science fiction since childhood. Clarke, Asimov, Bradbury and Le Guin were my staple diet. My book 'The Arrival of the Drakons' is a love letter to science fiction. It began as a story told to my children at bedtime and over time the storyline has morphed into the present novel written principally for a YA audience, but adults too have enjoyed the dramatic thriller. With a unique lead character in teenager Zade McDonald, the fascinating setting of wild Botswana and my intricate knowledge of shamanism, ‘The Arrival of the Drakons’ is hopefully poised to become a breakout sci-fi hit.

The Arrival of the Drakons’ has a powerful premise - a young teenager has a choice to make. Save his mother, or the universe.

I believe it’s a dilemma that will capture the hearts and minds of young readers, as they grapple with what they would do in such an impossible situation. While ‘Drakons’ started as a bedtime story, it has I hope swelled into a multi-layered and electrifying science fiction novel.

Detailed and vividly imagined, the book tells the story a San bushman teenager named Zade McDonald, living in the wilds of Botswana and being watched by several mysterious strangers. I explore shamanism and the complexities of the universe, while hopefully enthralling readers with an action-packed and electrifying journey into how the choices Zade makes could determine the fate of the world…

Do please enjoy it.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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