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5+ stars for The Blood of Faeries by @DanRiceWrites #yafantasy #darkfantasy #fantasy #bookreview

Title: The Blood of Faeries

Author: Dan Rice

Genre: YA fantasy

Book Blurb:

Allison Lee wilts under the bright light of celebrity after being exposed as a shape-shifting monster. She'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it. Being under the tooth and claw of her monstrous mother is even less enjoyable. All she desires is for everything to go back to the way things were before she discovered her true nature.

But, after she accidentally kills a mysterious man sent to kidnap her, she realizes piecing her old life back together is one gnarly jigsaw puzzle. When Allison's sometimes boyfriend Haji goes missing, Allison and her squad suspect his unhealthy interest in magic led to his disappearance. Their quest to find Haji brings them face-to-face with beings thought long ago extinct whose agenda remains an enigma.

My Review:

Looking for your next great read? Look no further than The Blood of Faeries. Dan Rice takes readers on a dark, edgy fantasy adventure they won't soon forget. It starts out with descriptive narration and world-building so immersive, I couldn't help but dive in.

The plot progression is smooth with plenty of action scenes, emotional tension, and high stakes.

The characters are familiar (I read book one) and yet they've gone through immense growth. I connected with many of the characters but mostly with Allison.

The writing, though, is what makes this book an unforgettable YA fantasy. Dan Rice improved his writing over the course of the last year and his hard work is evident in this book. Using classic fantasy techniques, his narration is tight, clean, and flawless. His characterizations are well-crafted and brilliantly executed. He's quite the wordsmith and his skill is evident through each scene in this book.

One of the most anticipated books of 2023, The Blood of Faeries whisks you away in blissful fantasy adventure. I strongly recommend this book!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Dan Rice pens the young adult urban fantasy series The Allison Lee Chronicles in the wee hours of the morning. The series kicks off with his award-winning debut, Dragons Walk Among Us, which Kirkus Reviews calls, “An inspirational and socially relevant fantasy.”

To discover more about Dan’s writing and keep tabs on his upcoming releases, visit his website: and join his newsletter.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
Feb 09, 2023

What a fabulous review of Dan's new book! Congratulations to this author! 😍


Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice
Feb 08, 2023

Wow! 5+ stars! Honored.

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