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5 stars for The Coven of Deeds by @thedelitroon #yalit #mglit #fantasy #mustread #bookreview

Title: The Coven of Deeds

Author: Malcolm Mccoard (Author), Maya Mccoard (Illustrator)

Genre: YA Fantasy, Middle-Grade Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Following the mysterious disappearance of her mother. Maya, a determined and clever Scottish teenager, discovers the strange truth behind her mother's double life as a witch. Now, under the often less than helpful guidance, of her know-it-all cat Mischief, she sets out on an epic adventure to rescue her mum, from a trap like no other. Enlisting the help of another young witchling, Evaline and some very special magical friends along the way, she must pass increasingly challenging initiation tests, to join the fearsome Coven of Deeds in order to secure her mother's release.

All is not what it seems however, someone is out to thwart her at every turn. Who can Maya really trust? When her mysterious foe is finally revealed, and the breath-taking extent of the ingenious deception is revealed. One question still remains unanswered... what could have driven them to such extreme measures? The answer, when it comes, is more devastating for Maya and her friends than anyone could have imagined. Their fate and perhaps even the existence of magic itself, is under threat. Now, forced to flee by a seemingly invincible foe, they are led to Threave Castle. An ancient family residence, where the whole story is finally revealed and Maya must face the ultimate test of her courage and wits.

Be warned, this is a highly original, imaginative and surprising adventure, an emotional rollercoaster of a book. Maya faces more challenges and unexpected plot twists and turns, than a fat hamster, stuck in a treacle filled labyrinth, complete with hidden trap doors and the occasional crocodile thrown in, just for fun. If you like a fast moving, original and surprising mystery, with a good heart, positive values and a quirky sense of humour, then congratulations, you've just found a hidden gem. If not, consult your doctor and check for a pulse. Most physicians advise at least two chapters every night, before bedtime. Excessive indulgence can lead to over excitement, so please read responsibly!

My Review:

Uncovering her mother’s secret life as a witch, Maya sets off to rescue her mum. Scottish teenager Maya’s mother has vanished, and Maya is determined to find her. When she discovers her mother has been living a double life as a witch, certain clues fall into place. Maya and her smart-aleck cat, Mischief, set out on a journey to rescue her mother. Maya also brings along a young witch named Evaline and other magical friends. In order to free her mother, Maya must join the Coven of Deeds. What Maya goes through to join takes all of her strength and ability, but her mother is worth it. Maya soon learns all is not as it appears. Someone is out to make sure Maya doesn’t free her mother. The question is why. Finding the answers puts Maya and her friends in danger. Someone wants to eliminate magic and has set its sights on Maya. Will Maya stop their evil plan, or will she too disappear for good?

The Coven of Deeds is an imaginative fantasy adventure perfect for middle-grade and young adult readers. Maya is a wonderfully written heroine many readers will relate to. Her POV is fresh, realistic, and full of emotion. The plot moves at a great pace with plenty of twists and turns I didn’t see coming. The dialogue is humorous and there’s a positive vibe to the story which I found refreshing. This father/daughter writing duo has penned another brilliant fantasy story and it’s one I highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

The accidental author - Malcolm started writing in response to his 8 year old daughter's request when he was making up bedtime stories about dragons and other magical adventures one night. "You have to write that one down daddy!" Maya insisted. Maya then provided illustrations and ideas for the book which incorporates a number of characters based on her close friends and family. The book won the YA category in the 2017 Purple dragonfly book awards. Maya has now got the reading bug good and proper and has helped with the sequel - "Stop! Don't read this, It's impossible" where they go in search of her good friends magic bone. If you don't have a magic bone in you're might like to find out why. No Stop Don't read it …. It's impossible.

Maya and Malcolm have also produced a picture book "The six lives of Henry the Eighth - The world's most unlucky cat. The family approach continues with the books being edited by Anne and Elizabeth McCoard, the authors wife and mother respectively.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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