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5 stars for The Crystal Canvas by @JcrPaulino #supernaturalthriller #thriller #bookreview

Title: The Crystal Canvas

Author: JCR Paulino

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Book Blurb:

Following their ordeal in China, Jon and Natalie are living happily ever after in Miami. Everything is looking up for the young couple, including Jon’s plans to launch his own deep-sea treasure-hunting company and marry his lovely fiancée... until everything is turned upside down with a single phone call.

Jon’s grandfather and uncle have been murdered in California, leaving Jon’s last living relative, six-year-old Amelia, all alone. When Jon travels to Los Angeles to look after his cousin, he is thrust into a centuries-old struggle between supernatural foes. The ensuing life-or-death battles force him to treasure hunt for ancient relics.

Jon’s visit explodes into an epic adventure in Los Angeles when he discovers that Amelia was born with supernatural powers and is coveted by an ancient and sinister creature. To complicate matters, Amelia is kidnapped by a rogue faction set to kill her a few hours later, the moment she turns seven years old.

To save Amelia, Jon must locate a supernatural camera capable of turning paintings into portals to private dimensions. He is forced to make a one-day excursion into another realm, master a new mystical sword, and face off against overpowering foes. The fate of the world is at stake. Will our hero rescue Amelia as he discovers deities, supernatural races, the truth of his ancestry, and the existence of the breathtaking crystal canvases?

Grab this supernatural thriller today! The Crystal Canvas is like nothing you’ve ever read.

My Review:

I am a time travel fanatic and this multi-year, multi-dimension book simply blew me away.

I confess I have been addicted to gaming for years and one of my luvs is Final Fantasy on XBox. This is the book version of that great game.

The action scenes are so fast paced and exciting. Reading those scenes is like playing your fave game.

Totally blown away by the Canvas concept.

Simply love the Horde Demon. That is evil you can practically adore.

Now I am going to see if I can read book one of this series. I hear it was award nominated. I will see if I can make this an award winner.

What a great book. If you are a gamer who reads, then read this book. If you were lucky enough to read the 1st book, then read this book. A great book that will keep you up reading!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

JCR Paulino is an emerging author of magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction. His debut novel, The Swords of Blood and Gold, received the Literary Titan Golden Book Award, the Artisan Book Review Book Excellence Award (in mystery, thriller, urban fantasy), and the Readers’ Favorite 2022 International Book Award Silver Medal (in Fiction – New Adult). indieBRAG, LLC awarded the book the status of B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree and listed it in the Medallion Honoree library. JCR’s second book, The Crystal Canvas, was published in January 2023.

JCR lives in Southern California with his wife and two children.

Social Media Links:

Twitter @jcrpaulino

Reviewed by: Tiger

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