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The Dance by Grea Warner is a Celebrate Canada/America Event pick #newadult #womensfiction #giveaway

Title: The Dance

Author: Grea Warner

Genre: New Adult/Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

Stepping onto the ice was frightening. Doing so required trust … and not just that of her feet. It also involved Cate’s head and heart. Trusting meant she had to forget what happened in the past.

At twenty-two years old, Cate Lentz is starting to understand Noah’s comparison of skating to a dance. The same, she realizes, can be said about life itself. You have to release the walls surrounding you in order to feel light and free. You also need the right partner. With the NHL rookie at her side, Cate is beginning to see a new and exciting life-canvas in front of her—similar to the paintings she creates in her art studio.

But as smooth as ice is, everyone tumbles and falls sometimes. When her ex, Leo, makes a reappearance in Cate’s life, his mental instability creates such turmoil and heartache that it’s hard for her to stand back up. Can she find a way to dance again after tragedy strikes?

Pulling at heartstrings and dealing with realistic issues, The Dance is a gripping tale that travels the reader back to the year 1980. This emotional story will leave you with a true appreciation for being both independently strong but also grateful for those who are by your side … no matter what.


As Noah laced up his own skates, I took some photos of the rink from my seated position. There was no way I was going to attempt still photography while wearing shoes balanced on blades. That was for both my body’s sake, as well as the camera’s. As the shutter clicked, I tried to mentally connect the pieces of the Noah-career puzzle—worked at the Capitals practice facility … great skater … good knowledge of injuries … It was becoming sort of a fun challenge for me. I wanted to figure out his job before I gave up and straight-out asked.

The occupation of physical therapist popped into my mind as he said, “Come on, let’s see how much work I have cut out for me.” After I set my camera on the bench, Noah helped me take my first tenuous step from floor to sheet of ice.

For the next couple of minutes or so, all thoughts, besides trying to remain upright, left my brain. It wasn’t that I had never skated, but it had been years before, and then only a few times in the winter. Roller skating was definitely more popular in high school, but once I was in college, both forms of skating were far from my focus.

“You are going to let go of the wall at some point, eh?” A couple feet away, Noah smiled to show he was teasing in a lighthearted way.

“Wait! You aren’t supposed to hold on to it?” I could be equally as funny, but I physically wavered even more so, having to skate and talk.

“Think of it as a dance.”

“Yeah, right. I don’t think I am going to be the next Dorothy Hamill.”

“You don’t know …”

“Uh, yes, I do.” I nodded with an accompanying involuntary leg wobble.

“What I meant a-boat a dance is …” He was doing perfect, effortless figure eights next to me. “It’s like in middle school, where everyone stands against the gymnasium wall and looks across the vast space. No one takes the first step because it’s scary to put yourself out there, eh?” Noah cleared his throat. “I mean, that’s how it is in Canada.”

“Yeah. I think that is worldwide,” I agreed, recalling the awkwardness of the few dances I had been allowed to go to during my teen years.

“But once you take the first step, you’re glad.” Not only were his movements full of energy, but his positive speech was, too. “It’s fun. A little nerve-racking at first … sure. But there’s someone there with you.”

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

No matter your age, your nationality, or what decade you grew up in, there are moments in life that stop us all. Some are beautiful and breathtaking, while others are tragic and test everything you have in you. In THE DANCE, the reader experiences such highs and lows through the eyes of the main character, Cate Lentz. Hers is a story I have wanted to tell for a while, having known people suffering like Leo and someone who went through a similar situation as Cate. It is a story of love. It is a story of strength. It is a story of family. It is a story of resiliency. If you like emotional, realistic, character-driven novels (with both Canadian and American characters!), you must read this five-star book today.

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Author Biography:

Drama, angst, and realistic storylines … be prepared for a few tears shed and an emotional rollercoaster when you read a novel by Grea Warner. With a background in daytime dramas, Grea is able to beautifully weave characters and storylines together so that you’ll become completely immersed in the journey the book takes you on. At home in the Women’s Fiction and New Adult genres, these serials and standalones are great for binge reading and book club discussions!

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 03, 2023

Thank you, Grea, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Canada/America Bookish Event!

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