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5 stars for The Dragon’s Back by @e_s_matthew #yafantasy #yalit #fantasyadventure #dragons #nnlbh

Title: The Dragon’s Back

Author: E.S. Matthew

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Adventure

Book Blurb:

In a divided world plagued by oppression and persecution, a monster hunter and renegade mage must embark on a dangerous adventure to awaken a long-dormant dragon and challenge an all-powerful evil force.

Queen Morflava’s reign of terror seems unstoppable as the malevolent mage sows division and hate among humans and fae. With the Warlord Council disbanded and the Citadel destroyed in the devastating Mage Purge, the continent is desperate for a hero.

Cali, last of the Mancar War-Clan, final Apprentice of the Mecha-Mage, and survivor of the Mage Purge, can no longer ignore the call of her dying father’s last words. She must reclaim a powerful artifact said to be her birthright. An object capable of reawakening dragons and challenging Morflava’s rule.

On this perilous journey, Cali is pursued by the Queen’s army, led by her twin brother who betrayed her parents’ legacy by serving as enforcer for Morflava. This murderous horde will stop at nothing to prevent Cali from succeeding in her mission to overthrow the Queen.

But Cali isn’t alone, as an unlikely band of tenacious survivors and outcasts join her in taking on this perilous quest. As they trek over brutal mountains and desert landscapes, will the group of companions be able to resurrect a dragon and inspire a revolution of hope, or will the world be forever caught in the grip of despair under Morflava’s iron fist? Fans of Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archives, and Lord of the Rings will love this sweeping new epic fantasy adventure.

My Review:

From start to finish, this book simply grips the reader and never lets go. Cali is a superb heroine who is so easy to cheer for. Her crew of teammates would remind some of Lee, Sixx, Mars, and Neil. The world-building done by the author is impressive.

There are so many aspects to this world that it is a tribute to imagination. Edgy at times and full of suspense, this book will put you on the edge of your seat. After reading this, you may never think your mother is much of a problem.

Cali and Carson are wonderfully portrayed as siblings who don't look at life the same. If you love the flick Reign of Fire, you will enjoy dragons in a different way. Recommended to fans of rip-roaring adventure. A fantastic start to what should be a mega-successful book series. Highly recommend it to all who enjoy a great read!

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it Now:

Grab your e-copy for only 99 cents or read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

E.S. Matthew is many things and he tries to be even more.

He is the author of The Dragon’s Back, the first novel in the fantasy series The War of Hope and Doom. Inspired by his years of teaching literature to high schoolers, he has chosen to write retro-fantasy in an attempt to rehabilitate the classic genre for modern young readers and contemporary adults.

The stories he loved as a kid about fantasy worlds, awe-inspiring landscapes, foundling destinies, magical creatures, unlikely companions, and heroic journeys are ones he still enjoys sharing with his own children and students. But he realizes that these stories are often built with wrong-headed perspectives on many, many important things.

His love for this genre, and the exuberant imaginations that fuel it, are matched only by his passion for this generation of readers to find themselves within it. He was lucky to see himself in fantasy literature as a child, and he wants nothing less for his readers, his children, and his students.

But he also wants something for grown-up readers, like himself. He wants to re-capture some of the hope that fantasy once inspired in him. For adult readers in our modern, angry world, he seeks to offer such hope through refreshed landscapes—where nostalgia and progress can coexist, where our shared fright, tears, gasps, and joy can thrive.

So…he has ambitions. He has ambitions for himself and his readers. He hopes you find something of value in his work, The Dragon’s Back.

When he’s not teaching or writing, he cooks elaborate meals inspired by his favorite movies and books or accompanies his daughter on guitar for improvised Broadway musical revues.

Social Media Links:

Twitter @e_s_matthew

Reviewed by: Mr. N

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