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Audiobook Review | The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy by @JenniferAShore #yalit #yaromance

Title: The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy

Author: Jennifer Ann Shore

Narrator: Stacy Birch

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Book Blurb:

Is one summer enough time to change everything? Anna Wright is always on her best behavior — turning in homework assignments early, keeping her head down during disagreements, and living life vicariously through action movies. Faced with the reality of her reputation as a lame, high school cliché, she decides now is the time for a change, so when hotshot basketball player Jeremy Blake interrupts her late-night plotting over a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, she convinces him to help. As they explore the summer together, Anna can’t help but wonder what else will fall into place as autumn approaches. "The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy" is a mature young adult novel with coming-of-age themes including self-discovery and teenage love and relationships.

My Review:

Summary –

Anna is tired of being the same old boring goody two shoes so after mulling over her life while eating a bowl of cereal, she vows to make some changes. She’s going to make a bucket list and when her brother’s best friend, Jeremy, walks into her kitchen, she decides to start by kissing him. She’s crushed on him for as long as she can remember, and she’s floored when he agrees to help her with her list but with more spontaneity. As the summer rolls on, she spends all her time with him. She makes it perfectly clear it’s just for the summer but when it’s back to school time, Jeremy doesn’t want to go back to just being friends. Can Anna see past her list to what’s in front of her or will she break Jeremy’s heart?

Narrator’s overall voice –

Stacy Birch has a vivid voice with great personality to it. She takes each character and brings them to light using intonation. I closed my eyes and I felt like I was watching it on screen, without leaving my home.

Does the narrator fit the characters?

Yes, she does. Stacy Birch uses her voice as an instrument, so each character has their own voice. From the main characters to the minor characters, it’s a full cast of characters Stacy recreates with ease. She does a superb job with Anna.

Narrator’s reading style –

Stacy’s reading style is effortless, and I found it easy to get caught up in the story. The enunciation is clear, no matter which character is speaking.

Narrator’s impact on reading experience –

Her characterizations of Jennifer Ann Shore’s writing are brilliant, and I found myself laughing at Anna’s antics. This is one of my favorite stories by Jennifer Ann Shore and Stacy is the embodiment of Anna.

Narrator’s pacing –

The pacing is well done with plenty of teen angst so the reader can follow along without getting lost.

Audiobook flow –

The audiobook flowed from start to finish with the right balance of humor, romance, and crushing on a sibling’s best friend. I didn’t want to stop reading/listening.

What makes this audiobook unique –

I’m a huge YA romance reader and this audiobook has a fantastic vibe. Anna’s love affair with cereal is a thing of beauty.

Would I recommend this audiobook –

YES! I would recommend this to any reader looking for a young adult romance with depth. There is a full cast of characters and Stacy brings each one to life. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Jennifer Ann Shore is an award-winning, bestselling author based in Seattle, Washington.

She writes romance stories that go a little deeper than the standard tropes. Her lineup of more than a dozen books includes standalones, a dystopian series, and a vampire series—with titles such as “Perfect Little Flaws,” “Young at Midnight,” and “Metallic Red.”

Prior to publishing, she led an impressive career in New York, first as a journalist and then as a marketing executive, gaining recognition for her work from companies such as Hearst and SIIA.

Social Media Links:

Be sure to sign up for her newsletter on her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@JenniferAShore), Instagram (@shorely), and TikTok (@jenniferannshore).

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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