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5 stars for The Lady and Her Quill by Bestseller @RuthACasie #regencyromance #regency #bookreview

Title: The Lady and Her Quill (The Ladies of Sommer by the Sea Book 1)

Author: Ruth A. Casie

Genre: Regency Romance

Book Blurb:

Her mind kept telling her to stop loving him, but her heart couldn’t let him go.

Renowned author Lady Alicia Hartley has lost her muse after a bad review. She blames it all on the author JC Melrose. A chance encounter with a handsome, witty Justin Caulfield has her heart racing, and her muse seemingly back. Is he her savior or her worst nightmare?

He didn’t see the turbulent ocean. He was too busy dealing with a different tempest.

The recently retired Captain Justin Caulfield is facing his own demons. As gifted author JC Melrose, his stories honor men who died at the hand of one man. His only focus is to avenge their deaths, that is, until he meets and falls in love with Lady Alicia.

The two authors take on a writing challenge based on a story of stolen gold taken from the newspaper headlines all to determine the better writer. While researching the story, Lady Alicia is captured by the thieves’ ringleader. Can Lady Alicia turn this mystery into an award-winning story? Can Justin save his real-life heroine? Can they both overcome their own challenges for a happily ever after?

My Review:

A poor review spirals author Lady Alicia into unknown territory but everything changes when she falls in love with her rival. Lady Alicia is a distinguished author but when her publisher shows her a review comparing her work to JC Melrose, she’s livid. She knows exactly who to blame, that other writer, JC Melrose. As all of her writing plans go up in smoke, she meets handsome Captain Justin Caulfield. Suddenly, he becomes her inspiration and words flow from her pen. The more time they spend together, the harder she falls for him. Little does she know Justin in her rival in more ways than one. Can Alicia and Justin work together to improve each other’s writing or will they tear each other apart to secure victory?

The Lady and Her Quill is a delightful Regency romance from start to finish. The story itself reminded me of an Austen romantic comedy with plenty of misunderstandings, comedic dialogue, enemies to lovers romantic tension, and a happy ending. I simply adored watching Lady Alicia deal with a scathing review and overcome her own insecurities as an author. Life for a female author was very difficult back then and I admired Alicia’s determination. The romance takes its time and I enjoyed reading as it unfolded. While the premise is a familiar trope, Ruth A. Casie breathes new life into it. Ruth A. Casie is an award-winning bestseller and her gift for historical romance is on display in The Lady and Her Quill. From the descriptive narration to the intricate historical details to the lush setting, The Lady and Her Quill is a feast for any romance reader. If historical romance is your reading jam, pick up The Lady and Her Quill. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

RUTH A. CASIE is a USA Today bestselling author of historical swashbuckling action-adventures and contemporary romance with enough action to keep you turning pages and have earned her several coveted Crowned Heart Awards. Her stories feature strong women and the men who deserve them, endearing flaws and all. She lives in New Jersey with her hero, three empty bedrooms and a growing number of incomplete counted cross-stitch projects. Before she found her voice, she was a speech therapist (pun intended), client liaison for a corrugated manufacturer, and vice president at an international bank where she was a product/ marketing manager, but her favorite job is the one she’s doing now—writing romance. She hopes her stories become your favorite adventures. For more information, please visit or visit her on Facebook, @RuthACasie, Twitter, @RuthACasie, Instagram RuthACasie, or Pinterest RuthACasie.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

1 Comment

Barbara Bettis
Jan 26, 2022

Oh, my gosh, I love the sound of this book, Ruth. Lovely review, too. Wishing you all the best. Now I'm off to download 🙂

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