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5++ stars for The Lady's Rogue: Fake Marriage Road Trip Regency Romance #regency #ku #bookreview

Title: The Lady's Rogue: Fake Marriage Road Trip Regency Romance (The Conrad Legacy Book 3)

Author: CK MacKenzie

Genre: Regency Romance

Book Blurb:

He’s no prince charming. She’s no damsel in distress. Yara Conrad might not have been accepted into the Royal Veterinary School, but she knew her worth. Undeterred from living the life she wanted, she picked up her faithful dog, convinced her mother to chaperon her, and headed to Brighton. It wasn’t for the waters, rather a clandestine mission for the Crown. She hadn’t expected a handsome stranger to stop the fake kidnapping she orchestrated. Scandal had finally caught up with Alexander von Stein. Furious with the whole situation, but mostly himself, he escaped to Brighton. Scandal he could handle, his own grief, not so much. When a gang of kidnappers threaten a young lady, alone in an alleyway, he intervenes—he could use a good brawl. Yara didn’t need saving. And Alec certainly isn’t looking for an attachment. He’s searching for redemption. Except Yara isn’t at all what he expects. The longer he spends with her, the more Alec realizes perhaps life isn’t all about running blockades and spending his profits. After all, fate has a way of interfering just when he least expects it. Until Yara’s simple courier assignment isn’t so simple and they’re both in danger. Evade the man trying to murder her? Easy. Stop her heart from falling for Alec? It's already a losing battle.

My Review:

I knew from page one of The Lady’s Rogue I would like the characters, their humor, the story. I just didn’t realize how much I would come to love every single person in this book.

This Regency romance has perhaps the greatest meet-cute I’ve ever read. Alec von Stein witnesses the kidnapping of a lady. He decides that he was in need of a good brawl to help exorcise his demons, so he jumps into the fray.

Ah…it turns out the damsel in distress is no damsel at all, but a very clever, capable young lady who has the situation well under control as she pulls out her khanjar, an Egyptian dagger. Von Stein twists his back during the ruckus and the lady takes him back to her home to provide care for his injury.

The kidnapping was a ruse and Yara Conrad wasn’t even using her own name. Certainly, they have no reason to see each other after the fake kidnapping. Yet they’re drawn to each other.

In the opening scene, C. K. Mackenzie gives us just enough information about von Stein’s emotionally troubled past that we can’t help but read on to learn more. And soon we discover the issues in Yara’s life. She still mourns her inability to get into the Royal Veterinary Academy because she’s woman. And, oh, yes, she’s involved in espionage for the Crown.

And as events would have it, the very unlikely pair are on the run after Yara’s life is in danger. They make what ends up to be a week-long trip in miserable wet weather from Brighton to London. And in order to make their traveling together seem respectable in 1810 England, they say they’re married.

While their initial reason for meeting may have been fake, their marriage fake, the feelings they have for each other are very real. The chemistry between Yara and Alec sizzles. C. K. Mackenzie ensures their journey is more than just a physical one, as the two of them slowly talk about their past and they sort out their feelings for each other.

I absolutely loved this story. The author’s unique voice came through, adding depth to the characterizations. Well-written, paced perfectly, and full of humor, The Rogue’s Lady is a Regency romance one can easily get invested in. It’s definitely well worth your time.

My Rating: 5++ stars

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Reviewed by: Terry


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