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The Lost Link by USA T Bestseller @michellebry101 is a Stress Busting Festival pick #fantasy #books

Title: The Lost Link

Author: Michelle Bryan

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Book Blurb:

I die every night in my dreams.

Add to that the hallucinations of people I've never met and creatures that don't exist, and you can see why I don’t let anyone in. People don't take well to weirdos that can't tell reality from illusion.

That all changed the day a dragon attacked. Yup, that’s right. A real-life, smoke-breathing dragon hunted me down in the middle of a school day. I only escaped because a Faerie forced me to jump through a fire portal into a realm of magic. Normal, right?

Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder, I met him. The Fae prince. Eyes of jade, ebony hair, and a smile that made my knees weak. Too bad he was my mortal enemy sent to finish what the dragon started.

Now, faced with parallel worlds, a daring escape plan, and an evil queen bent on taking over the universe, only one thing is for certain. I’m in way over my head.


“So Shay really is Fae?” I asked, glad to be changing the subject.

“That she is.”

I chuckled to myself.

Starke eyeballed me weirdly. “What’s so funny?”

I shrugged. “Nothing really. Just that in my world, Fae or faeries, are depicted as dainty, little, winged creatures. There’s this movie called Peter Pan and—” I glanced over at him. “Do you know what a movie is?” I continued at his nod. “Okay, so it has a faerie called Tinkerbell and it’s this tiny, flying girl. That’s how they’re portrayed. Or as hotties like Legolas from Lord of the Rings, so, I guess it’s where my standard of Fae comes from. Shay doesn’t even have wings. Neither do you for that matter. I thought all Fae had wings?”

He shrugged. “Fae can be depicted by many things. Throughout history humans have seen us in all forms. Glamour is our thing. We liken our image to what the human race imagines us to be. Faeries. Elves. Selkies. Pixies. Sprites. Ogres. We’ve even been known to be hotties as well,” he laughed as I pulled a face at him. “But wings, well, they’re mostly a sign of ancient Fae nobility. A left over from the Unseelie courts.”

“Yeah, Shay definitely doesn’t fit that image.”

“And do I?”

“Well, Fae are also depicted as beautiful and troublesome creatures, so yeah, I guess you do.”

His eyes sparkled with mischief. “Are you calling me beautiful or troublesome?”

I turned away from him, hoping he couldn’t read my thoughts right now. “I’m not calling you anything. I’m just saying finding out Shay is a powerful wielder is surprising. That’s all.”

I breathed a little in relief as he didn’t press me any further, but I heard the underlying amusement in his slight chuckle.

“Well, she is. Just as efficient at magic as she is at cooking. Maybe I’ll have her join in our training tomorrow.”

My eyes opened wider as I tried to read his expression. “I hope you’re joking right now.”

“You would be honored to have her train you. She is one of the most powerful mages I know.”

I knew I shouldn’t ask, but it was out before I could stop it.

“Just like her daughter? What was her name? What was she like?”

His body froze for a moment. A shadow crossed his face, and I literally watched it ice over before he turned away from me and sat back up. My heart twisted at his obvious hurt and the realization I had gone too far.

“I’m sorry. That’s none of my business. People always tell me I speak way before I think. Forget I even asked that. I’m way too nosey for my own good.” The words tumbled from my lips, but to my surprise, he answered.

“No, it’s okay, Jette. Curiosity about the unknown is normal.”

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What’s your favorite way to combat stress?

Reading and baking. And eating said baking 😊

Why is your featured book a stress busting read?

This book is filled with adventure, romance, laughter, and oh, dragons. Can’t forget the dragons.


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Author Biography:

I wish I could say I've climbed Mt. Everest or ridden in a hot air balloon around the world, but alas I lead a very quiet life in Nova Scotia, Canada. The only adventures I go on are in my books. But what adventures they are!

When I'm not reading or writing I have a day job as a chocolate shop manager. So yes, I work with both books and chocolate! Living the dream.

The rest of my time is spent with my three favourite guys; my hubby, my son and my crazy fur baby. We are a family of geeks, fans of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, lovers of books and players of video games. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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