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5+ stars for The Seven Hungers: Blood Grove by @morgan_quaid #horror #occultfiction #uf #bookreview

Title: The Seven Hungers: Blood Grove

Author: Morgan Quaid

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror

Book Blurb:

“I have not come to bring war, but to gift eternity.”

An enigmatic figure emerges into the Hallowed World, promising a gift of unfathomable worth to the people of earth. Crown sorcerer, Ambrose Drake must negotiate terms with this peaceful invader, but Drake and his companions soon find themselves drawn into a warped reality from which there seems no escape.

Book three of The Seven Hungers series follows Drake into the depths of his own psyche, and beyond!

My Review:

Trapped in a twisted reality, can Drake and his team escape or are they victims of the blood grove? Ambrose Drake gets a warning from beyond but he’s not sure what to make of it. Can he stop the demon housed in his mind or is it a futile effort? Worry plagues his heart as well as his mind but all that takes a backseat when a new peaceful being enters the Hallowed World. It comes not to wage war but to gift immortality. As the Crown sorcerer, Drake is sent to investigate and negotiate on the Crown’s behalf. Drake and his team go but are unprepared for what happens next. They’re drawn into a warped dimension with no means of escape. Fighting for his freedom externally is one thing but Drake’s also fighting for control inside. It’s a hopeless battle when the odds are stacked against him, but Drake will never give in. The stakes are way too high.

The Seven Hungers: Blood Grove is a classic piece of horror fiction with a twist. It all starts with a portence from a friend which then permeates foreboding throughout the story. Add in the descriptive narration and the world-building along with fast-paced action and you will see why I couldn’t put this book down. It haunted me morning, noon, and night. Drake is the ideal main character because he’s realistic and simply drives the plot. Sure, the action scenes are intense and detailed but most horror is based on emotion. The Seven Hungers: Blood Grove has an abundance of emotional conflict. Morgan Quaid has penned an original classic horror novel, one you need to read. I cannot wait to see where the next installment takes the characters. Note: this is book three and while it can be read as a standalone, I highly urge you to read books one and two for the full effect. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Morgan Quaid is an Australian writer of speculative fiction, fantasy, and horror, specializing in fast-paced page turners set against expansive fantasy backdrops. When Morgan isn’t writing novels, comics, graphic novels, or short stories, he’s usually composing or producing music, or staring with longing and regret at a bar of chocolate.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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