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5 stars for The Sleeping Giant by Tammy Lowe #yalit #timetravel #fantasy #adventure #bookreview

Title: The Sleeping Giant (The Acadian Secret Book 2)

Author: Tammy Lowe

Genre: Action-Adventure, YA/Young Adult, Juvenile Fiction

Subgenre(s): Time Travel, Fantasy, Historical

Book Blurb:

When a tormented man begs 17-year-old Elisabeth London to travel back in time to save his life, she reluctantly agrees. Assuming Scotland is the destination, she ends up in Ancient Rome instead.

The good news is she finds the man; now a bold 17-year-old named Aquarius. The bad news is he’s an indentured slave, sentenced to death in the arena, and doesn’t even know her yet. Elisabeth helps Aquarius escape and becomes an outlaw herself. Armed with her wits and his rock sling, the new friends are on the run from a relentless slave dealer, Rufus Leptis.

Elisabeth soon realizes she’s not here to save Aquarius from Rufus, but from the doomed city of Pompeii. Although trying to be brave, the thought of remaining in Aquarius’ swashbuckling world a minute longer than necessary is inconceivable.

At least, it used to be.

Before that darn, happy-go-lucky slave stole her heart.

My Review:

Elisabeth travels back in time to save a man but both must outrun a fate worse than death in Pompeii. Elisabeth is finished with time travel. It’s much too dangerous and puts her family in peril. But all that changes when a man pleads with her to go back in time and save him. She initially refuses but when she gets home, she changes her mind. Flinging back in time, she expects to be in Scotland. She soon discovers she’s in Ancient Rome instead. Her mission is to rescue Aquarius, only it’s far more complicated than she first thought. He’s a slave in Rome, sentenced to die a public death in an arena. It’s tricky but she aids in his escape. On the run, they flee to safety, only to find themselves facing a sleeping giant ready to erupt in Pompeii. Can Elisabeth and her new love, Aquarius, escape a molten death?

The Sleeping Giant is a time-travel adventure not to be missed. From the beginning, the story intrigued me. Elisabeth is a complex character, even though she’s a teen. Her strengths lie in her wit and quick thinking under pressure. I liked her right away. The premise of time-traveling to Ancient Rome appealed to me right away. The historical accuracy was 100% which scored high points with this reader. The world-building is intricate, seemed plausible, and captured my imagination. The narration is both emotional and descriptive. The plot moves at a fast pace. The stakes were high and caused me to whip through the pages to see what would happen next. There’s a human element to this story that goes to the author’s storytelling ability. I found myself wondering what I would do in Elisabeth’s shoes. If you’re like me and love time travel through big historical events, pick up The Sleeping Giant. A wonderful fantasy adventure for teens and adults. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

An adventurer at heart, Tammy has explored ruins in Rome, Pompeii, and Istanbul (Constantinople) with historians and archaeologists.

She’s slept in the tower of a 15th century castle in Scotland, climbed down the cramped tunnels of Egyptian pyramids, scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge, sailed on a tiny raft down the Yulong River in rural China, dined at a Bedouin camp in the Arabian Desert, and escaped from head-hunters in the South Pacific.

I suppose one could say her own childhood wish of time traveling adventures came true…in a roundabout way.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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