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4.75 stars for The Tales of Alexandria Stecklar: The Locket #yalit #yafantasy #fantasy #bookreview

Title: The Tales of Alexandria Stecklar: The Locket

Author: Tiara J. Brown

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


Book Blurb:


“Hatred. War. Death. Pain. No matter how hard we try, it seems as if man cannot escape these casualties, and no matter how hard I try, neither can I.”


Fifteen-year-old Alexandria Stecklar lives a sheltered life. Sick of spending days in her underground home, she longs to be a part of the outside world. A world she has long been denied. However, secrets unfold as she finds herself thrusted from her home and into a foreign world plagued by war between psychics, like herself and magical sorcerers.


Forced to hide her identity. Lest she be captured or killed— or worse. Will Alex make it home safely? Or will someone else get to her first?


A fantastical story laced with adventure, action, magic, and an “almost” first kiss!


My Review:


An epic page turner that you will find hard to put down. The adventure is action packed and the action is literally magical. The characters created are so relatable, they make a fantastic story that can appeal to any reader.


Superb for the YA market. The struggles 'Alex' has with her parents are simply another version of the real world struggles regular teens face.  The world-building is first rate. A very creative brain was able to come up with some never-before-seen concepts and places.


If there is a flaw to this book, it is a small but significant one. A reader who throws themselves deeply into this work will be nonplussed by the ending. Nothing wrong with cliff hangers or multi-book series. They just need to answer a few questions and make sense.


A very well written book that will engage fans of Harry Potter fans and Lord of the Rings will also enjoy this work. Definitely worth the time to get into this story. A book that will have wide appeal to the vast young adult/teen fantasy audience.


My Rating: 4.75 stars


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Author Biography:


Tiara J. Brown grew up in Northeast Ohio and studied media at Ohio University. Although The Tales of Alexandria Stecklar: The Locket is her first published novel, she has been held captive by the art of story-telling since she was twelve-years-old. When she is not writing or reading, you can be found swing dancing, hiking, or traveling.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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