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5 stars for The Trouble With Exes by Katrina Kyle #humorousmystery #humorous #mystery #bookreview

Title: The Trouble With Exes (A Hale Mary Mystery)

Author: Katrina Kyle

Genre: Humorous Mystery

Book Blurb:

Love hurts. And sometimes, it can kill.

Hale Mary is used to helping powerful people out of tough spots. She's so good, she started a company for it.

But when a European princess asks Hale to track down her fiancé, who has gone missing in southern California, Hale is reluctant to take the case.

Because the missing fiancé is Hale's ex-boyfriend—Bryce Stone—and Hale isn't quite over him yet.

Before she knows it, Hale is on a plane to San Diego —the city where she and Bryce fell in love.

But then an old friend of Bryce's is killed. And the police think he is the murderer. Determined to clear his name, Hale leaves no stone unturned—including the stones hiding secrets of their tumultuous relationship.

But what Hale uncovers isn't what she expected.

She soon realizes that if she wants to prevent another murder, it will take more than revealing the truth. Hale will have to confront the lies she's told others… and herself.

My Review:

All Hale the one who couldn't get over an ex. Hale and Hearty is healthy. Hale and stalkerish is not very healthy at all. This is quite a book. Norma is my fave character. Her snappy wit and in-your-face demeanor make her just a jewel. Hale is the heroine and has the trouble with an ex. The trouble seems to be that her life revolves around an ex.

This book has a mystery that is wrapped in an enigma. The fan of a difficult-to-figure-out mystery will love this book. Here, the author has created a storyline that will keep a reader on their toes.

The depth of character-building is impressive. The 'what will happen next' will keep the pages turning. A book for anyone who has checked out their ex on social media...just because they are 'curious'. A book for fans of mystery and romance. A book for fans of women trying to find their way in the world.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

A long time ago Katrina Kyle’s alter ego dropped out of college and joined the navy to see the world. She did get to see a lot of the world, but only after she broke down and cried like a baby (long story, but sometimes tears DO work). Katrina and the navy parted ways after four years and she embarked on a civilian life that involved significantly less drinking, decidedly fewer boyfriends, and zero washing of airplanes on an aircraft carrier. Nowadays she splits her time between Cave Creek, AZ and any place with mountains or a beach where she can escape the summer heat of her beloved desert and get her writing on.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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