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5 stars for The Ultimate Boston Bruins Trivia Book by Ray Walker #hockey #bruins #trivia #bookreview

Title: The Ultimate Boston Bruins Trivia Book: A Collection of Amazing Trivia Quizzes and Fun Facts for Die-Hard Bruins Fans!

Author: Ray Walker

Genre: Sports: Hockey, Hockey Trivia

Book Blurb:

Boston Bruins fans, rejoice!

If you bleed the black and gold of the Big Bad Bruins, you’ve got to get The Ultimate Boston Bruins Trivia Book! It’s chapter after chapter of incredible trivia, covering all the aspects any Bruins fan would want to read about.

Dig into the stories behind the team’s heated rivalries, chuckle at the ingenious nicknames earned by the players, and marvel at the records set and awards won by some of the best athletes Boston has ever seen! In this book, you’ll savor all the fascinating facts, like:

  • Which Bruin invented goalie nets, bevelled pucks, and skate guards.

  • Who was the only man to play for the Bruins, Celtics, AND Red Sox.

  • Which Bruin threatened to knock out half of Rocket Richard’s teeth.

  • How players became known as Mr. Zero, Ol’ Blood & Guts, and the Merlot Line.

  • Which Hall of Fame goalie was drafted by the Bruins…without realizing it for a decade.

Whether you’re re-living old glories through the team’s heydays or freshly experiencing all of these colorful details, you’re sure to enrich your fandom by testing yourself with multiple-choice questions, true or false factoids, and quirky anecdotes about all the biggest movers and shakers from Bruins history.

From Orr to Chara, Espo to Bergeron, and Brimsek to Rask, it’s all here in a page-turning dive into the world of the oldest American team in the NHL! If you want to impress your family and friends with your die-hard knowledge of the Boston Bruins, this is the book that will help you prove it…and maybe learn a few things along the way.

My Review:

If you have a Bruins hockey fan in your family, you now have the ultimate gift to get them! This book is a must-have for every fan of the Boston Bruins. Put together in a clever format, the book is an easy read. The questions are innovatively picked and staged in a way that each section flows. The fun 'did you know' section really fills out the enjoyment factor for the reader.

If you are a fan of Boston's old NHL team, you will want to see how you do on these crafty questions. It would be fun to get this book and quiz other fans to see what they know! As I said, this is a must-have for a Bruins fan or the best gift this year for your fave Bruins fan. This would be a fun book for any general hockey fan, allowing they aren't one that hates Boston. A really well-done trivia book that will appeal to many.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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