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5 stars for This Is All He Asks of You by Anne Egseth #literaryfiction #spiritual #bookreview

Title: This Is All He Asks of You

Author: Anne Egseth

Genre: Literary Fiction/ Spiritual Fiction

Book Blurb:

Spanning Norway, Washington DC and Greece, This Is All He Asks of You is a visionary story about letters never sent, life once flowing and now frozen, swim-flying in golden light and the beauty of human connection. Above all, it is a story about how sad it would be if everything became like everything else.

My Review:

“For three months now, instead of studying for my exams, I have been sitting at my white desk, alternating between staring at the ghostly landscape outside and sifting through the words of a twelve-year-old me.”

Luna receives a box containing letters she wrote to her unknown father back when she was twelve years old. As she reads these letters, she unravels long-forgotten memories and discovers the true gift of connecting with others. The more she delves into her younger self, the clearer she understands life, both physically and spiritually.

This Is All He Asks of You is a beautiful poetic story of a young girl who deals with life’s hardships the only way she knows how: by writing letters to her father, whom she’s never met. The letters are authentic and heartfelt. I connected with Luna right away. The writing flows well and is written in a poetic prose style I found appealing. The themes are mostly spiritual and dealing with life’s ups and downs. Poignant, illustrative, emotional, This Is All He Asks of You is a must-read, especially during these uncertain times. It amazes me this is Anne Egseth’s debut novel. I look forward to reading more from her. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Growing up in Norway, Anne Egseth moved to London to become a classically trained actress. After performing for two decades in theaters in the UK and Scandinavia, she relocated to Washington DC where she started writing, teaching and coaching. She now lives in San Diego, California, with her husband and daughter. This Is All He Asks of You is her debut novel.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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