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5 stars for Thomas Blackwing and The Crystal Heart by @mv_grimm #fantasy #yafantasy #bookreview

Title: Thomas Blackwing and The Crystal Heart (Part 1 & Part 2 of The Immortals Chronicle Book 1)

Author: M.V. Grimm

Genre: YA Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure

Book Blurb:

The fate of two orphans, Thomas and Will, becomes intertwined when the kingdom of Ariestonia loses its ruler and his family to an assassin. With no heir, the ruling council is forced to seek out a new inhabitant for the empty throne; thus, proposing a contest to select a new king or queen. Fourteen-year-old cadets of knights, wizards, witches, and rangers will be selected from the three prestigious schools in the kingdom to compete in the King’s Candidate event, offering them fame, power, and a secure spot in history. Although their participation in the contest thrusts them together as foes, they quickly form an alliance after realizing a bigger threat looms on the horizon, a weapon powerful enough to destroy the land of Eartheenia if wielded by the wrong hands. The crystal heart is a mystical weapon said to have belonged to one of the seven immortals, Aelrendel. While it was thought to be only a legend, Thomas learns that not only is the crystal real, but evil constituents are after it. Together, Thomas, Will and their schoolmates unravel an ancient mystery and a sinister game of deception as they seek to protect the crystal from a mysterious entity bend on possessing it.

My Review:

Prepare yourself for the most immersive experience in reading you have had in a long time. People toss around the term epic but this is an EPIC. There have been tales of quests...for rings or other things...but this is the quest book of quest books.

The world-building and descriptions are spot-on. You can feel the sand in your face or the wind in your hair as you read. The cast of characters is beautifully created and each add an additional flavor to this book. Very well written and a smooth read this is a fine work.

Fans of epic adventures will love this book. If you are a fan of the ringlike thing, you will love this book. A book that should be grabbed by a streaming service before they run out of money.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

M. V Grimm is an author with a love and passion for mystery and fantasy stories. He currently works doing odd jobs while concentrating most of his attention to a flourishing writing career.

Thomas Blackwing and the Crystal Heart is M.V Grimm’s first novel and is a fantasy story of a pair of fourteen-year-old orphans who compete with others for a throne left vacant after the murder of a royal dynasty. It is available through Amazon and is the first in a planned series.

His hopes for the future are to carry on writing fantasy novels full-time and to bring them to as wide an audience as possible and when he has some time to himself he enjoys fishing, which helps to clear his mind of troubles and all thoughts for a few hours, before dreaming up new stories and adventures.

You can contact M. V Grimm on his blog at

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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