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5++ stars for Tiny House of God (Audiobook) by Sara Zavacki-Moore #womensfiction #litfic #audiobookreview #bookreview

Title: Tiny House of God

Author: Sara Zavacki-Moore

Voice Actor: Sara Zavacki-Moore

Genre: Literary fiction/Women’s fiction


Book Blurb:


Covid has been good to Willow. As a germaphobe, she finally feels like everyone else is now facing the type of anxiety she has long been accustomed to. When an abandoned baby is left on the front step of her tiny house, she must decide if she can get away with raising this child as her own.Her therapist wants her to write about her past. As revelations about her abusive upbringing emerge, she starts to question everything about the present– including her new-found joy. Despite her trust issues, she wonders if it’s safe to enter her childhood friend’s “bubble.” And she just can’t seem to resist the suspiciously nice and overly handsome neighbor who keeps showing up with gifts.In the midst of a global pandemic, can she leave her trauma behind and find sanctuary for the little family she hopes to create?


My Review:


The Tiny House of God audiobook is deliciously layered.


The plot itself is a story within a story. We meet Willow as an adult who has just found an abandoned baby on her doorstep. Her heart says keep the baby and raise it as her own. Her brain fears someone will discover she’s not hers.


As we follow her in the present, she opens doors to her past through a book she’s writing about her life. As she sends chapters to her editor, we have the opportunity to hear them and discover the trauma and abuse she’s withstood. Author Sara Zavacki-Moore seamlessly shifts from Willow’s time in a foster home to the present showing us her doubts, struggles, as well as the joy of being a first-time mom.


But wait, there are still more layers. The story takes place at the height of the global pandemic. A natural germophobe, Willow must grapple the very real fear of contracting Covid and passing it to her daughter—while confronting her past and trying to heal.


The story came to life with Zavacki-Moore’s narration. I believed from the very start she was Willow. How else could she make the story so real? She plopped me into Willow’s world, and I didn’t want to leave. I found myself getting swept up in Willow’s emotions. I thought about the characters even after I finished the book, mourning for some, hoping others were doing well.


This book has everything an audiobook should have: an intriguing and gripping story and flawless narration.


If you’ve never listened to an audiobook before, I highly recommend you start with Tiny House of God. It’s the best audiobook I’ve ever listened to. Hands down.


My Rating: 5++ stars


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Author Biography:


Despite making her theatrical debut at the age of 10 in her church’s production of “God’s Gift to Santa” (Yes, this is real) she still loves theater. She survived the tumult of childhood angst as her diaries would confirm. In high school she enjoyed writing for their literary magazine. College forced her to put her creative writing on hold as she pursued degrees in Psychology & Social Work. She later went on to complete her Masters in Social Work, and obtain her New York State Licensing.

While raising her two amazing children, Sara worked in a wide variety of social work jobs. In 2018, she decided to pursue her certification in Hypnotherapy with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has a small private practice in Rochester, NY. In the pockets of still ness, she began writing again several years ago. Although her novels are fiction, much of her writing incorporates issues related to mental health, trauma and religion and family.

A few years ago at Homecoming, she reconnected with an old drama club friend. That friend, Melanie (Harrington) Billings, would later become her editor through The Wild Rose Press.Sara’s debut novel, Choosing Charity, was released in 2022. It takes her about 9 months to complete a first draft. Tiny House of God was released on June 21, 2023. She was thrilled to be able to also narrate her second book, which is now available through Audible.

Currently, she enjoys making stuff up with her al -female improv team, Good Luck Improv.

She and her husband have been in many plays together over the years and more recently they have enjoyed producing some cathartic shows as part of the Rochester Fringe Festival.

Writing, singing and theater are therapeutic, and Sara plans to continue therapy forever.


Social Media Links:


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or on TikTok @sarazavackimooreauthor


Reviewed by: Terry


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