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5+ stars for To Sketch a Killer by Caryl Janis #bookreview #cozymystery #mystery #urbanmystery #mustread

Title: To Sketch a Killer

Author: Caryl Janis

Genre: Urban Cozy Mystery, Cozy Mystery


Book Blurb:


Sarah Quinlee needed a change. She sublet a tiny Manhattan apartment, took a new job, and rekindled her passion for sketching. But after accidentally stumbling on a murder victim outside the church next to her workplace, change proved far riskier than she'd anticipated, even for the crime-ridden 1970s. Sarah is quickly pulled into a tangle of neighborhood secrets involving an enigmatic homeless woman, a menacing street punk, a quirky assortment of locals, and coworkers with a past. Her perceptive sketches of them raise some serious questions--and some serious danger. Unable to resist playing sleuth, despite the profound concern of a very attractive police detective, Sarah is soon up against a killer desperate to hide the crime at all costs.


My Review:


A murder, a homeless man, and sketches lead Sarah into danger. Can she be the killer’s next target? To Sketch a Killer is a gripping mystery I lost sleep over. The characters, setting, and narration draw the reader into the story. The plot is peppered with false clues and ramped-up suspense. What makes To Sketch a Killer an unputdownable read, though, is the main character’s sketches.


Let’s start with the characters. I connected with Sarah right away. She’s an intriguing character. Her personality and how she sees the world around her are realistic traits. But it’s her sketches that make her so fascinating to read.


The rest of the characters, including the killer, are well-written and fill out the plot. Each character is shrouded in mystery. The more I read, the more addicted I became.


The setting is a fresh twist in the mystery genre: 1970s Manhattan. The setting plus the narration is written with deep details so it feels like I’ve transported back in time. Everything from the dialogue to the manners to the clothing is authentic 1970s.


This is my first time reading from Caryl Janis. She has a firm grasp on how to write an immersive mystery. I dove in and couldn’t stop reading until the very last page. Brilliant from start to finish, To Sketch a Killer is a must-read for mystery lovers.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Caryl Janis has been a fan of mysteries since childhood and now writes her own. To Sketch a Killer is her first. Research Can Be Murder will be available soon. She is also a freelance musician and nonfiction author who enjoys theater, museums, and spending time with family and friends.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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