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5 stars for Torrents of Our Time: Twenty-Two Stories by Christian Fennell #literaryfiction #bookish

Title: Torrents of Our Time: Twenty-Two Stories

Author: Christian Fennell

Genre: Literary Fiction, Short Stories

Book Blurb:

Christian Fennell's debut book, Torrents of Our Time, brings together a collection of 22 stories, most of which have appeared in international literary journals and anthologies. A gifted storyteller with a wide-ranging audience, Fennell challenges the weakness in the heart of all our “truths," while illuminating our dreams and our fears. These are stories that reside in the broken places of us, a stunning dance between our flaws and the beauty and joy of who we are, in this place now. Taken as a whole, Torrents of Our Time is a lyrical and page-turning narrative of love, loss, and pain.

My Review:

Trigger Warning: some readers may be offended by some of the racially sensitive language.

This book takes a reader on a journey, unlike anything the reader ever chose. Visceral and raw. Abstract and compelling. This book is simply Douglas Adams but written for small-town America. This is a Hitchhiker’s guide to small-town America. This isn't a small-town you might be familiar with or heard in songs. This is hardscrabble life. This is life on the outskirts of survival. This is the mean streets when the streets are dirt roads. Torrents of Our Time reads like the proverbial car wreck you can't stop looking at.

Interpretative in the way that each story can mean something different to every reader. Harsh realism brought forth by a very creative pen. An illustrative journey through the darker recesses of the human mind. A continued journey through the darker recesses of the human soul. A book like no other that could appeal to anyone.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Christian Fennell's short stories and essays have appeared in a number of international magazines, literary journals, and collected works, including Chaleur Magazine, Litro Magazine, XRAY Literary Magazine, Dreamers Magazine, Spark: A Creative Anthology, Kind Writers Anthology, Liars’ League London, Wilderness House Literary Review, and .Cent Magazine, among others. Christian was a columnist and the fiction editor at The Prague Revue.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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