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5+ stars for Up Grief Creek Without a Paddle by Marti Tote #selfhelp #grief #nonfiction #bookreview

Title: Up Grief Creek Without a Paddle

Author: Marti Tote

Genre: Self Help, Grief, Nonfiction


Book Blurb:


Marti Tote has written yet another self help book for all of those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Whether it be to death, relationships or beyond, a loss is a loss and we all need a little help now and again. This book covers every loss as well as every emotion imaginable, as Tote takes you up grief creek without a paddle, in the only way she knows how, engaging her readers in a soothing conversational tone, that we have all come to know so well. Our lives will shift and they will change but they will never be the same again after a loss but not to worry! Tote will teach you how to maneuver in a seemingly hopeless situation. Grief Creek It is full of rocks, sticks and other debris here and there. It gets wide and very deep in some places and narrow and very shallow in others. And we have no clue what is coming around the bend! So come on along and learn how to survive what seems like the unsurvivable! She’s a great guide and promises to bring you back safely! Welcome Aboard!


My Review:


Everyone experiences loss of a loved one so great, grief threatens to overwhelm them. Sure, it takes many forms, but the feeling of drowning is the same. Up Grief Creek Without a Paddle is an incredible self-help book, one I wish I’d read after the death of my father. Marti Tote writes in an approachable tone, like the caring thoughts of a friend. Each chapter lays out steps needed to travel through Grief Creek and come out the other side.


Let’s talk about the subject matter. Grief is personal, different for each person, and something you don’t talk about. I learned at a young age you don’t talk about how you’re feeling after loss. You move on. But in Up Grief Creek Without a Paddle, Marti Tote doesn’t want you to bottle all your feelings inside. She wants to help you deal with your feelings of loss and aloneness in healthy ways.


I truly connected with Marti Tote. Using the death of her beloved big sister, she shares her own grief and how she got through it. There are funny moments along with tearful moments.


A remarkable book on grief and healing.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Marti Tote is a spiritualist and life coach who lives in Reno, Nevada. Her calling is to spiritually heal the heart and mind. Her passion is her writing. Her peace and solace is the time spent with her horses. However, her most cherished moments are spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren; for her strongest belief is in God and the very strength of family, as she believes that at the end of each and every day, all we really have is each other!


Marti’s books are all true stories with a self help twist. She has lived an extraordinary life and is a true survivor in every sense of the word — and she believes that you can be too! This is why she shares her stories!


Marti has just completed her third book, titled: Can You Ride a Raindrop to the Ocean? The true, compelling and riveting story of her abusive childhood, which is now available right here on This is the story she was warned never to speak of. And she didn’t—Until now!


Over 50 years of secrets revealed... Another best seller by master storyteller, Marti Tote.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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