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Book Trailer Reveal | Walks With Sam by @DavidWBerner #memoir #dogs #walking #booktrailer

Title: Walks With Sam

Author: David W. Berner

Genre: Dogs, Walking, Mindfulness

Publisher: Roundfire Books

Book Blurb:

A man, his dog, and a long walk can lead to unexpected discoveries.

In the tradition of many literary walkers, writer and teacher David W. Berner sets out on foot hoping to reexamine his life, make sense of painful losses, understand his triumphs and his tragedies, and most importantly, through the help of his young dog, Sam, try to find harmony in new beginnings and the uncertainties of the present.

In a series of chapters, each dedicated to one walk during a summer of hiking, the author finds that it is his beloved pet that allows him to awaken to a new spirit of mindfulness, finding beauty, wonder, and comfort in the ordinary, and to see a life, a neighborhood, and even a country with brand new eyes.

If you love a good walk, if you love dogs, and if you believe that the answers to tough questions are found in quiet contemplation, Walks with Sam is your book.

Book Trailer:

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Author Biography:

David W. Berner is an award-winning author, broadcaster and journalist, whose career honors include the position of Writer-in-Residence at the Jack Kerouac Project and the Ernest Hemingway Foundation. He lives outside Chicago, Illinois.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 30, 2020

Thank you, David, for sharing your book trailer with us. It's such a delightful trailer and makes me want to curl up with your upcoming release.

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