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Write with Morgan: Youtube channel every writer/author need to watch #writingcommunity #videos

Hey friends, Morgan Quaid here. I’m a writer of novels, comics, graphic novels, screenplays, and truly terrible poetry.

If you’re a new writer, or just starting out in your writing journey, I invite you to come join me at Write with Morgan, a new Youtube channel devoted to helping writers navigate the wonderful, complex, and at times daunting world of being an indie writer.

Whether you’re looking for step by step guides, tips, and tricks, or just a healthy dose of inspiration, you’ll find it at Write with Morgan!

You’ll find videos like the following:

Hooking Readers Fast:

The Trick to a Great Novel Ending:

The Best Way to Fix a Broken Book:

I post inspirational short daily and longer form videos weekly, as well as regular community updates, question and answer sessions, and more!

Join a vibrant community of writers as we explore writing in this crazy new, hyper-vivid, social media obsessed world!

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 17, 2023

Thank you, Morgan,for sharing your Youtube channel with us! I only wish you had been around when I was first attempting to get published.

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