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5+ stars for Yes, Your Majesty by Bestseller @JenniferAShore #yaparanormal #vampire #bookreview

Title: Yes, Your Majesty (The Royally Human Vampire Book 2)

Author: Jennifer Ann Shore

Genre: YA Paranormal, Vampire Romance

Book Blurb:

Mina knew being the Queen of Appalachia wouldn’t be easy, but she didn’t expect so many things to go wrong all at once.

After spending the first six months of her reign preparing to unveil vampires to humans, chaos erupts when the events don’t go as planned. She’s overwhelmed with the fallout, and it’s made worse when the witches demand her help in tracking down a deadly threat.

The half-human, half-vampire thought being stuck between two worlds was her biggest problem, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges ahead.

“Yes, Your Majesty” is the sequel to the loved vampire young adult romance “Metallic Red” and is the conclusion in The Royally Human Vampire Series.

My Review:

Mina never expected her responsibilities as Queen of Appalachia would overtake her life. The past six months have been grueling but with the unveiling almost at hand, she’s pleased her uncle’s plan is almost complete. Then a calamity strikes, and Mina is forced to be the face of the vampire race to the human world. All that pales in comparison to the witches’ trap she voluntarily walks into. Between trying to calm the vampire royals’ panic to going on a mission to find and capture a 300-year-old vampire to tensions erecting a rift with Theo, Mina’s hit her limit. She doesn’t know who to turn to or which side of herself to unleash (vampire or human). It takes a crisis to put things in perspective for Mina. Can she overcome all that is thrown her way and be the queen her uncle envisioned she’s become, or will she crumble under the strain of it all?

Wow, Yes, Your Majesty packs a wallop of a story amongst its pages. This is the sequel to Metallic Red and for those who have read it, you’re in for quite a few surprises. (For those who haven’t read Metallic Red, you can read Yes, Your Majesty as a standalone but it’s so much better to read it in order.) All of my favorite characters from Metallic Red are here and there are a few new ones too. I dived right into the story, thanks to Jennifer Ann Shore’s intoxicating narration and plot twists. The plot itself moves at a good pace with witty dialogue to offset the dramatic subplot. There’s an equality for all undercurrent which added immense depth and relatability to the overall story. There’s even a bit of romance thrown in. At the heart of Yes, Your Majesty is the story of Mina, trying to find balance in her chaotic life. Mina could be any one of us and I think that’s what makes Yes, Your Majesty such an absorbing read. A YA paranormal not to be missed. Fans of Bella and Sookie will sink their teeth into Yes, Your Majesty and scream for more. I know the author said this is the end of the series but I’m hoping she’ll change her mind and write more. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Jennifer Ann Shore is the award-winning and bestselling author of several fiction books, including "Metallic Red," "The Stillness Before the Start," and "The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy."

In her decade of working in journalism, marketing, and book publishing, she has gained recognition for her work from companies such as Hearst and SIIA.

Be sure to visit her website ( ) and follow her on Twitter (@JenniferAShore), Instagram (@shorely), or your preferred social media channel to stay in touch.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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