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4.75 stars for 18. An Unschooling Experience by @Unschooling1 #memoir #unschooling #parenting

Title: 18. An Unschooling Experience

Author: Marta Obiols Llistar

Genre: Memoir, Unschooling, Parenting

Book Blurb:

When early childhood and elementary teacher Marta Obiols Llistar became disappointed with her local school system, she took action. Disillusioned with the so-called normal life, she embarked on a journey into a new life of unknowns.

In her memoir, Obiols tells of her endeavor to unschooling her three children until the eldest turned 18.

My Review:

This is a combination of memoir, kind of self-help, and bio. The author bravely tells her story over a period of more than twenty years. The book is broken down into easy-to-read chapters. Each chapter allows a reader to select the section they wish to read.

Here the author offers an example of homeschooling that could appeal to someone. Parents are often challenged by the problems that exist in many school systems. From poor education quality to threats of violence, from vicious and evil bullying to difficult distances to travel. There are now pandemics to consider as challenges to sending a child out to school.

If a parent has the capability and TIME to formally homeschool their child, then this can be a fine option. Some parents have the money to hire professional tutors and then there isn't much lost from the school setting. Here, the author offers unschooling as her option. Not to be witty per se but you send a child to school to get an education, so you unschool a child to get uneducated.

There are several important points that need to be made. School is not supposed to be fun. School is where children go to learn the basics of life. These include reading, writing, arithmetic, and social skills. A child isn't mentally capable of making logical decisions about what will be good for their future. If you ask any child, they will say doing nothing is more fun but unless you are the idle rich, you can't afford to do nothing.

I suggest that several of the educational concepts here need a warning. If you choose to follow some of these concepts, you may cause harm to your child.

A well-written book that tells the tale of one woman and her family. Taken as a biography, it is an interesting read. Many people enjoy reading about the lives of people different from them. This book could appeal to people who like to study the vagaries of human nature.

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

Marta Obiols Llistar is a Catalan immigrant, former public school teacher, and current unschooling mother. With a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education from Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, she’s spent the past nine years homeschooling and then unschooling her children. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and their three children.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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