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The Inspiring Tale of Neil Armstrong (Inspiring Tales) by Tory Locker #books #history #NeilArmstrong

Title: The Inspiring Tale of Neil Armstrong (Inspiring Tales)

Author: Tory Locker

Genre: Biography, Memoir, History, NASA

Book Blurb:

This heroic man took... the most famous steps of all,

and serving his country... he answered the call.

When he walked on the moon... his life became defined,

he was an inspiration... to all of mankind.

His name was Neil Armstrong... and you'll learn from this man,

that you can reach great heights... if you work the right plan.

So pay close attention... and let's not wait,

this story is out of this world... and more than great.

My Review:

Getting children interested in history and historical figures is hard to do, especially in this day and age. Tory Locker presents the Inspiring Tales series featuring everyone from Ronald Reagan to Michael Jordan in an approachable way for kids.

In this book, we learn the life story of Neil Armstrong. Thanks to his mum, he developed a love for books and this love of reading helped him on the road to success. He loved reading about airplanes and wanted to be a pilot when he grew up. Little did he know he’d inspire the world with his flight to the moon.

Through colorful graphics/photographs and concise words, Tory Locker brings an American hero’s dreams and achievements to life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was in fact inspired, like I was back in grade school when learning about Neil Armstrong. Kids will love it as will adults.

I believe Tory Locker has done a magnificent job combining a historical figure like Neil Armstrong and inspiring kids to go where no one has gone before. I was inspired and I’m middle-aged. Lol! So, this book is also inspiring to adults too. A great teaching tool for either schools or homeschooling.

Favorite Character/Quote: “There is nothing more… that can make you feel alive, if you are ready… when your big chance arrives.”

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Born in Canada. A lifelong lover of reading, learning languages, playing sports and travelling. Tory got his start writing screenplays and began the Inspiring Tales series in 2011. Tory speaks English, French and Spanish. Tory is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and resides in Ibiza, Spain.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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