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4.75 stars for A Whirl With My Mocha-Chocolate Swirl by @dalia_dupris #romance #bookreview

Title: A Whirl With My Mocha-Chocolate Swirl

Author: Dalia Dupris

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Rebecca Layton returns to her beachside hometown of Sunnyville, California, determined to explore the possibility of rekindling her past relationship with the love of her life, Raymond Colton. She's devastated to discover that he has moved on and is now engaged.

Raymond Colton harbors resentment towards Rebecca for abandoning him to pursue her dreams of life in the big city. Now she's back and more beautiful than ever. But Raymond's heart has been broken more than once and risking more heartache with Rebecca isn't a gamble he's willing to take.

When Rebecca agrees to use her marketing expertise to help Raymond's father salvage his failing family business--Colton's Ice Creamery--she and Raymond are thrown together, and old flames are ignited. Can they heal the wounds from their past and embrace the possibility of a brighter tomorrow?

My Review:

Rebecca Layton returns to her hometown in the hopes of reuniting with her past love, Raymond Colton, only to find he's engaged to her best friend from long ago. Crushed, she doesn't know what to do. Should she just accept Raymond has moved on or do everything she can to win his love back? It won't be easy as she broke his heart years ago when she left to fulfill her dreams in the big city. When Raymond's father seeks her marketing help with his fledgling ice cream shop, she can't say no. As her and Raymond work close together, sparks fly and tempers flare. Can these two love birds reconcile past hurts or will their love evaporate faster than a mocha whirl?

A Whirl with my Mocha-Chocolate Swirl is a brand new installment in the One Scoop or Two series. The African American hero/heroine offers readers a fresh take on romance. I love reading diverse romance and this one took me by surprise. With an angsty plot, Dalia Dupris wows the reader with emotional narration. There's plenty of past hurts and misunderstandings for Rebecca and Raymond to overcome. I appreciated the raw emotional tension throughout the book. This is a character-driven story with plenty of conflicts. I really wished I could give Rebecca and Raymond a shake and tell them to share their feelings. The ending felt a little rushed. Overall, A Whirl with my Mocha-Chocolate Swirl is a terrific beach read that can be read at any time of the year. If you like your romance angsty, you'll love this one! I look forward to reading more from the author.

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing and grew up surrounded by a wide variety of books, from westerns to romance novels. I love stories—watching them, listening to them, reading them, and writing them. I have a degree in English Literature and am a licensed psychotherapist. My contemporary novels include complex and diverse characters that grapple with family legacy, love, loss, and laughter as they face the challenges of life. When I’m not working on my next manuscript, you can find me bike riding along the beach with my husband or exploring the mysteries of the universe with my daughter.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @dalia_dupris

Facebook: daliadupriswriter

Pinterest: Dalia Dupris

Instagram: Dalia 17

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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