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An Unexpected Christmas by J M Davies is a Christmas in July Fete pick #smalltownromance #romance #christmasinjuly #giveaway

Title: An Unexpected Christmas


Author: J M Davies


Genre: Christmas Romance, small-town romance


Book Blurb:


"I loved the chemistry between Jenna and Ryan and the sweetness of them finding each other again. Ryan is dreamy. Who wouldn't love a man dedicated to his family business and making gorgeous furniture. There were some good secondary characters and the backdrop of a quaint town which came to life with the author's gift of setting a scene. I really want to visit Sunflower Farm!


Checked all of the boxes for a good holiday read and a second chance at love romance. I loved the epilogue and the view into their happy ever after." ~ Amazon reviewer


Jenna Hartman is attending the movie premiere of her latest release when a breaking story emerges that destroys her image and threatens her career. Forced into hiding, and with Christmas looming, the only place to retreat is Seashell Cottage in Sandy Bay. But returning home is far from easy. It means fulfilling her mom’s final requests and facing the man who broke her heart.Farmer by day and furniture maker by night, Ryan Cooper doesn’t have time for a serious relationship. As head of his family, he’s trying to keep the business afloat. But when Tinks—aka Jenna Hartman, the childhood sweetheart who slipped through his fingers—reappears, he can’t ignore the fiery sparks between them, even if he should.Thrown together, they share an unexpected kiss, but is that all it is?As they spend time together revisiting the past, will Jenna be able to forgive him? Will Ryan make her realize what’s missing in her glamorous life—a family and the chance of real love?




“Mrs. Cullen’s a little eccentric but she’s harmless really,” he said.


Still embarrassed from the encounter, Jenna didn’t reply right away. For once, she clammed up, lost in the clear blue depths of his eyes. Lifting his hand, he wiped her nose and she stood there like an idiot, speechless, while her heart hammered away.


“Tinks, are you all right?”


Irritation returned at the use of her nickname. “Stop calling me that. We’re not kids, Ryan… You don’t know me anymore, and I’m fine. It’s a little flour,” she snapped, surprising herself at the bite in her words. Right away, the warm smile on his face disappeared, but he continued to nudge the paper bag at her hands, insisting she take it. Not accepting it would be juvenile. She caught hold of the supplies and couldn’t help but peek inside, studying the contents with surprise.


“The cleaning products were in your shopping basket, and I figured you must need them if you’re back at Annie’s.” His hands were now firmly lodged in his jean pockets as he rocked on his heels.


“Well…thank you. That’s…why I was in the store…fetching supplies. How much do I owe you for this, by the way?”


Jenna didn’t want to hang around to discuss Annie or old times, not today—maybe not ever. There was nothing left to say between them. He had ended the relationship between them years ago—with no reason—no explanation. The awkwardness stretched, second by second, as the conversation lulled. When Ryan didn’t respond, she couldn’t take any more, and opened her car door to dump the shopping bag inside. Pulling out a twenty-dollar bill from her back pocket, she handed it over, wanting to get away as fast as possible.


But he stared at the money in her hand, shaking his head as if insulted. “Really…you’re okay, Jenna. Call it a welcome back gift.”


Hearing his casual statement, she couldn’t help but snap back, “I’m not staying. I’m only here for a couple of days, to sort out the house.”


Ryan gave a curt nod of understanding and twisted his head to the side, looking away. “I see. Look, the supplies are yours. I’ve added a few items I think you’ll need. But anything else, you’ll have to go to the Supersaver, just outside of town. I hope you have a nice life, Jenna. Take care.”


At that, he spun around and trudged away. Her plan had been to leave; she didn’t want to rehash the past. He’d hurt her. But damn it, having Ryan dismiss her and walk away made her march over and tug his shirt until he stopped to face her.


“That’s it?” Jenna said.


Ryan dipped his head, and she heard him curse under his breath. It was as though they were right back in high school, all those years ago. What was she doing? He was the only person who managed to annoy and amuse her—sometimes in the same breath—she couldn’t help but react even after telling herself she should walk away. But she needed to understand why he had sounded disappointed. After all this time, there was nothing left to say. But her gut twisted, and for some masochistic reason, she needed to know why. What had she ever done to him? Besides tell him that she loved him and leave. Telling him, she loved him in hindsight, had been foolish.


Tilting his head, he stared at her as if she had three aliens sprouting there. “Yes…that’s it. What do you expect me to say? You’re the one acting like we’re strangers, barely acquaintances, and we were more than that, Jenna. And after all this time, all I get is that you’re not staying…really? What does that even mean? You’ve just arrived. You’re here and you can’t be bothered to even make polite conversation. No matter how long it’s been—you don’t just walk away without at least telling me you’re okay…for real. Your mom died. That’s gotta hurt. And no matter how famous you get, Jenna, you’ll always be Tinks to me.”


With that, Ryan strolled away, and she stared at his broad back, dropping her inquisition to his tight behind that filled his jeans to perfection. The damn man stepped inside the country store without so much as a backward glance and her heart charged along as if she were running in a marathon. Huffing and puffing at the put-down, she spun around, slid into her car, and pounded the steering wheel, ashamed of her miserable performance. Tilting the brown paper bag, she snagged the slim dark chocolate bar she had spied earlier. Ripping open the wrapper, she popped a piece into her mouth and sighed with bliss. The velvety texture melted right away. Her mood lifted as she reversed her car out of the parking lot. He still remembers my weakness.


“Why does he always make me feel like it’s my fault? He’s the one who broke my heart.”


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What I love most about the holiday season:


Having family in both the US and the UK, means the holiday season can be tricky, but we make sure we stay in touch as best and as often as we can. My first grandson lives in Cardiff and his birthday is December 22nd making this an extra special time of year. Some years we’ve traveled to Wales bringing my three youngest boys to meet up with their older brother, nephew, aunts, uncles, and their aging grandparents. That for me is the real meaning of Christmas. It does get harder to manage this as the years pass. Other years, it’s a quiet time at home with my boys. I love having my family around and enjoying good food together. I also love decorating the tree, playing Christmas music, and baking cookies.


Why is your featured book a must-read to get you in the holiday mood?


An Unexpected Christmas is a perfect read for the holidays, it’s set in a small coastal town, centers around the Cooper family, it’s a second chance romance that highlights the meaning of love. It’s book 1 in the Sandy Bay Series.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $100 Amazon gift card.



Open internationally.


Runs July 1 – 31, 2024


Drawing will be held on August 1, 2024.


Author Biography:


J. M. Davies writes heart-wrenching contemporary and sizzling paranormal romance. While the heat levels vary, each delivers a satisfying conclusion. Jen is driven by her love of adventure near and far, which is highlighted in her stories.


Jen loves reading and from her love of books, stemmed the desire to create her own stories with the intent of taking you to a magical world that leaves you craving more.


Born in Wales, she now lives in a small town in New England with her family. When she isn’t writing, she loves meeting up with her author friends, attending book conferences to talk with readers, discovering old treasures at yard sales, collecting sea glass, walking on the beach, and cooking.


Social Media Links:


Romance Author J. M. Davies 

Capturing your heart one book at a time! 


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Spending time with family!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, J M, for sharing your lovely romance in our Christmas in July Fete!

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