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5+ stars for Bliss (Fae Warriors Book 2) by Gini Rifkin #fantasyromance #bookreview #romance

Title: Bliss (Fae Warriors Book 2)

Author: Gini Rifkin

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Fae Warrior, Bliss Goodeve, fires up her empath skills to battle the Reptiles invading Earth. But when it comes to her new human partner, Nathaniel Calhoun, Bliss would rather make love than wage war. A man of mystery, she wonders what he's hiding behind the horn-rimmed glasses and white lab coat. Nate admits to being a brainiac, at least that’s the persona he shows the outside world. If his boss discovers his troubled past, life could get complicated. The bad boy in Nate wants the beguiling Bliss in the worst way. Yet, the scientist inside him calculates high odds of being left broken-hearted. After one Reptile goes rogue, it’s up to Bliss, Nate, and an alien critter named Noodge to bring him down. But time is running out, and things are heating up—especially romantically. Bliss is all for living in the moment. But will that be enough for Nate?

My Review:

What an amazing book! This book starts with a bang with one of the most exciting action scenes in modern writing and then never lets up! The author has hit this one out of the park.

Bliss is dynamic and such fun to follow along as she finds herself through growth, love and the love of a superb pet. Her relationship with Nate is brilliantly presented and the romance is steamy but leaves it all to the mind of the reader - which is the best way to write intimacy.

From the introduction of what must be the two key components of the highly HIGHLY anticipated third installment, this series has serious life. The concept of Fae Warrior battling to save the earth is so readable and enjoyable I was literally very sorry to finish this book. I plan to re-read it regularly.

This is a keeper and a book I would recommend to anyone with a pulse. Exciting, superbly written, an edge of the seat thriller with many times you can pump your fist and cheer. Just a fantastic book.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Gini Rifkin writes adventurous romance. Her settings include the American West, Medieval England, Victorian England, and contemporary fantasy. When not reading or writing, she has the privilege of caring for a menagerie of abandoned animals including ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, donkeys, and cats. Born in Illinois, she was raised by two terrific parents and one very special older sister. When struck by wanderlust, she moved to Colorado and met her husband Gary. They shared the journey for 30 years, spending vacations canoeing, doing Mountain Man reenacting, and traveling around this great country. Although Gary has passed on, he left her with the skills to soldier on alone, and a little bit of him lives on in every hero she creates. Her writing keeps her hungry to learn new things, and she considers family and friends her most treasured of gifts.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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What a wonderful review, Gini! So well deserved, too. Congratulations! :)


Barbara Bettis

Fabulous review!! Congratulations, Gini. This sounds like such an intriguing read. Best of luck.


Gini Rifkin
Gini Rifkin

Wow, and thank you for the great review. I am so thrilled you are enjoying my Fae Warrior sisters as they fight to save the Earth! I always appreciate your critique of my work.

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