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5+ stars for Bloodstone: The Curse of Time, Book 1 by M.J. Mallon #comingofage #yafantasy #audiobook

Title: Bloodstone: The Curse of Time, Book 1

Author: M.J. Mallon

Narrator: Kerri Hiebert

Genre: Coming of Age, YA Fantasy, YA

Book Blurb:

I didn't think my life could get weirder, but I was wrong...

Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl who is imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house.

When an unexpected message arrives inviting her to visit the Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden path where she encounters Ryder, a charismatic, perplexing stranger.

With the help of a magical paint set and some crystal wizard stones, can Amelina discover the truth about her family?

A unique, imaginative mystery full of magic-wielding and dark elements, Bloodstone is a riveting adventure for anyone interested in fantasy, mythology, or the world of the paranormal.

TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains mention of self-harm, mental health issues and alludes to the potential dangers of sexual attraction, which may trigger younger/sensitive readers.

My Review:

Story Impressions –

Amelina interacts with magical people, beings, and objects while learning the truth of her family. What happens next will astound you, the reader. Are you ready for an adventure? Bloodstone is an imaginative coming of age fantasy adventure I enjoyed from start to finish. Taking bits from fantasy authors of the past, M.J. Mallon adds her own blend of magical realism and emotional coming of age to make Bloodstone a gem. The plot moves at a good pace with each chapter starting with a puzzle. What a creative way to keep the reader invested.

Narrator’s overall voice – Kerri Hiebert’s voice has an individuality all her own but when she employs the various character voices, it takes on each character with ease. I thoroughly adored her voice. Does the narrator fit the characters? Yes, Kerri Hiebert fits the characters with a youthful tone. I’m astonished at how well she evokes Amelina. It’s not an easy thing to do. Great job.

Narrator’s reading style – Kerri Hiebert has an informal reading style but with enough twists and turns to keep the listener mesmerized.

Narrator’s impact on reading experience – Kerri Hiebert has an inherent ability to draw a listener/reader in without any effort. She takes what is one of the most riveting fantasy stories I’ve ever read and creates a masterpiece. The scenes are so well narrated, I had to stop what I was doing to concentrate on the story. Narrator’s pacing – Kerri Hiebert’s pacing is impeccable, blending fantasy, mythology, coming of age themes, and more with no difficulty.

Audiobook flow – Kerri Hiebert lets the audiobook unfold naturally with plenty of dialogue, action, and intrigue.

What makes this audiobook unique – Kerri Hiebert and M.J. Mallon partner up to bring readers/listeners one of the best YA fantasy audiobooks I’ve heard in a long time. The plot is full of intrigue which adds to the enjoyment while listening. Kerri’s narration brings Bloodstone to life, like a streaming show. Brilliant from start to finish. Would I recommend this audiobook – YES! Don’t delay. One-click this audiobook right now.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

M J Mallon was born in Lion city, Singapore, a passionate Scorpio with the Chinese Zodiac sign of a lucky rabbit. MJ spent her early childhood in Hong Kong and her teen years in Edinburgh, enthralled by her parents’ stories of living and working overseas. Her experiences sparked her current desire to travel and see the world from her two favourite places, Edinburgh and Portugal. She often returns to her old home in Cambridge, the inspiration for her YA Fantasy series, The Curse of Time.

Standing by the world-famous Corpus Christi Clock in Cambridge, watching it in awe, she ponders what might happen next!

MJ loves to write magical stories, sprinkling them with a liberal dollop of extraordinarily imaginative magic!

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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