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Christmas Belles by USA Today Bestseller Susan Carroll is a Christmas and Holiday Book Festival Pick

Title: Christmas Belles

Author: Susan Carroll

Genre: Regency Romance

Book Blurb:

Villains can come in many disguises, even with a handsome face and a gold-braided uniform. So thinks Chloe Waverly when her father's untimely death results in an unknown naval captain being appointed guardian to the four Waverly sisters. Chloe dislikes the harsh Captain William Trent upon first sight, especially knowing that he plans to marry her oldest sister, Emma. Although Emma loves a poor clergyman, she feels it her duty to accept the wealthy captain's proposal. Chloe is determined to rescue her sister from a loveless match to one whose heart seems as cold as ice.

But somewhere during all the Christmas celebrations, Chloe discovers that beneath the captain's stern military bearing is a lonely man imbued with a gentle gallantry. To her dismay, Chloe finds herself falling in love with her sister's fiance. She is unaware that William Trent has realized that he has pledged himself to marry the wrong sister.

But with the wedding day looming closer, is there any honorable way to resolve this situation? It will take all of Chloe's faith and the magic of Christmas to unravel this tangle of hearts. Author Susan Carroll weaves a charming holiday tale about the enduring power of love and hope.


Chloe saw the uselessness of further argument. Gentle her sister might be, but she could wax stubborn as well, especially when she was convinced she was doing the right thing.

She would marry this captain in stoic fashion, be a good and faithful wife. Over the years, she would forbid herself to even think of Mr. Henry. But those moments would come when Emma would be unable to help it, and then her heart would break in silence.

Long after Emma had left her, Chloe sat alone in the parlor, feeling bleak. The burden of that final responsibility Papa had laid upon her last Christmas suddenly seemed very heavy.

"Keep faith when there seems little reason to do so, believe that even the impossible can often be very possible. Be the Keeper of Dreams, Chloe.”

"How am I supposed to do that, Papa?" Chloe lamented. "When my sisters persist in dreaming of the wrong things."

There was Agnes, who seemed doomed to become a hermit, going blind over her books and Lucy, becoming so hard, almost mercenary. Yet Emma was the one in most immediate danger. But how was one to rescue a sister when she refused to cooperate?

"You can't fling away your happiness in this fashion, Emma. I won't permit it." Even as Chloe formed this resolve, her heart misgave her. She would be putting herself into opposition against this unknown captain, who was fast assuming the dimensions of a Blackbeard in her mind.

Well, let him rattle his saber and bellow at her all he liked. If she had to move both heaven and earth to do so, she would find some way to prevent Emma's marriage to Captain William Trent.

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Share a holiday family tradition:

One of my favorite traditions was putting up the Christmas Dickens village. Unpacking and displaying all of those wonderful little houses, adding the cobblestone streets, the trees and hedgerows, then powdering everything with fake snow. And lastly, but most important trying to protect the tiny ceramic villagers from raids by our cat, Shakespeare.

Why is your featured book perfect to get readers in the holiday mood:

Our modern Christmases are often too stress-filled with elaborate plans for shopping, cooking and decorating. I hope my book will give you a welcome break from the holiday madness Curl up on the couch with a cup of tea for a quiet afternoon as you travel to a simpler time and place. Join my heroine Chloe and her sisters as they discover the magic of Christmas and true love.


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Author Biography:

Once upon a time. . . These have been my favorite words since I was​ a child. That simple phrase beckons you to far off realms of adventure and imagination. This is the quality I have always sought to capture in my books whether writing about a castle set high above the rugged coast of Cornwall, a mysterious island of wise women during the Renaissance or the elegance of a Regency Ballroom.

I began my career in 1986, writing historical romance and regencies, two of which were honored by Romance Writers of America with the RITA award. ​The Bride Finder​ was honored with a RITA for Best Paranormal Romance in 1999 and also received the Reviewers Choice Award from Romantic Times magazine for Historical Romance of the year. Two sequels followed,​The Night Drifter​ and ​Midnight Bride.

I launched a new series with the publication of ​The​ ​Dark Queen, The Courtesan, The Silver Rose, The Huntress, Twilight of a Queen​ and ​Lady of Secrets ​all set during the turbulent days of the French Renaissance. A blend of history, romance and intrigue, these books relate the saga of the Cheney sisters, three women of extraordinary abilities who live in constant peril of being accused of witchcraft.

I am currently working on a new series of fairy-tale based books set in the magical realm of Arcady.

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2 comentários

Barbara Bettis
28 de dez. de 2019

Susan, I was thrilled to read about your new book. Off to get it now. I remember reading The Bride Finder years ago and was thoroughly enchanted by the story and the following two. And the French Renaissance books--delightful! All luck!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
19 de dez. de 2019

Thank you, Susan, for participating in our Christmas and Holiday Book Festival. Happy Holidays!

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