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4 stars for Chrysalis by Theresa Dale #supernatural #thriller #LGBTQ #bookreview

Title: Chrysalis

Author: Theresa Dale

Genre: Supernatural Thriller, Mystery, LGBTQ

Book Blurb:

Chrysalis is a compelling mystery with metamorphosis as the theme.

Explored from a fresh perspective, we are offered a rare peek into the quiet underworld of an ultra-conservative Canadian city. Our unlikely hero, Trey, is an energy-seeing, cross-dressing sex worker on the precipice of a life or death decision, but when a friend goes missing, he finds himself distracted from the business of self-destruction.

Desperate to find his missing colleague, twenty-four-year-old Trey finds himself part of an unusual group, from a deranged kidnapper to a devoted cop, all focused on a missing girl. And when confronted with these Canadian people, dealing with both human and Canadian issues, we find ourselves suspending our judgement on characters we’d often prefer to look past.

Through it all, we witness Trey’s chance at transformation – will he be able to set himself on a new direction in life as he finally begins to understand that being different doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t belong?

My Review:

Another book, unlike any other anyone, has read before. This book is not simply segmented into chapters but each chapter is for a specific character from that character's POV. An unusual approach that works in a book that is very hard to define by simply the characters portrayed. I found reading a chapter about a character was much like reading the classifieds from NOW Magazine in the 1980's only it was like you called each number and got the bio from each person offering their 'services'.

This is a book about change or even more so, this is a book about transformation. In some way it is a book about Trey but in other ways it is a book about the part of the earth Trey is living on and growing in.

This book is the antithesis to Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In reading this book you don't immerse yourself in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. You find yourself deeply immersed in people from what has oft been colloquially referred to as the seedier side of life.

Personally I had issues with the disjointed nature of the approach but that could work for some. I didn't have any issues with the multiple, multiple POV but that could raise flags with some too.

If this book had a soundtrack it might simply be the song A Day In The Life. This author carries the story using the minute detail of day to day existence to get the point across about the importance of change. The ending will keep you on the edge of your seat. This book is not an easy read but could be worthwhile to those who really want to get to know what life is like living as a sex trade worker in a dingy district. A courageous work by an author willing to work hard to create a believable atmosphere - no matter how seemly.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

Theresa Dale writes a refreshing and fun brand of supernatural thrillers. Readers are delighted by delicious suspense and characters that feel like family...dead or alive. Theresa currently lives in Quebec, Canada, and grew up in Nova Scotia, so it follows that most of her stories are told in Canadian settings. She won't disappoint a hungry reader; she's passionate about telling her ghost stories with a unique and thoughtful style, and always has more waiting in the wings. Look for Rose's Ghost on Facebook and theresadaleauthor on Instagram to stay tuned!

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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