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Audiobook Recommendation | Domin8 by award-winning author @StephenBKing1 #thriller #audiobook #books

Title Domin8

Author Stephen B King

Narrator Geoffrey Boyes

Genre Thriller/Police Procedural/Whodunnit

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Audiobook Cover Kim Mendoza

Book Blurb

After his wife loses interest in him, fifty-year-old Dave Barndon turns to the dark side of the Internet and sex chat rooms. There he finds willing partners who are happy to fulfill his needs with no strings attached. But they aren’t the only ones looking to play.

When a woman he had an affair with is murdered he becomes the prime suspect. He thinks his alibi is solid until a second woman is murdered, and then a third. He fights for his freedom and redemption while the body count rises.

He must figure out who is framing him and why before the killer strikes again.

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Author Biography

I have ten books published, won several short story competitions, published poetry and wrote music and lyrics in my long-haired rock band days. Domin8 is my latest release with my wonderful publisher, The Wild Rose Press of NY. That said, Domin8 was the second book I wrote, back when I was contracted to a UK publisher who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, or the guilty as the case may be. Before this book could be contracted, the publisher was bought out and the new owners canceled the line I was contracted to, which left me in publishing no-man’s-land.

I self-published Domin8 with the help of an editor I hired, yet, I was never happy with the finished result and always thought I should have done better. I had other books to write, and two years later, signed with TWRP to publish Thirty-Three Days. I followed up that with the Deadly Glimpses Trilogy and soon to be published, Winter at the Light, while simultaneously writing a fourth Glimpse book.

Somewhere along the way, I read Domin8 while travelling (I always take a copy of one of my books and deliberately leave it in the hotel) and I was horrified. I think enough time had passed, and because I’d written eight more books working with my wonderful editor Melanie, I could see all the things wrong with it. I learned so much from Mel and when I discussed it with her, and told her the outline, she jumped at it. And so, began a twelve-month project to re-write it.

I can honestly say, finally I am delighted with the finished result, and beta readers have all loved the story, one person I respect enormously said it is the best book he has ever read in his life. I take that as high praise indeed.

Social Media Links

Twitter: @stephenBKing1 Facebook: @stephenbkingauthor

1 Comment

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 21, 2020

Thank you, Stephen, for sharing your audiobook release with us. Such a great thriller!

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