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4 stars for Intentionally Becoming Different: Coach yourself ∞ Live your life #happiness #bookreview

Title: Intentionally Becoming Different: Coach yourself ∞ Live your life

Author: Alexander Trost

Genre: Happiness, Personal Transformation

Book Blurb:

Do you ever wish you could change your life for the better? Would you like to become the person you always wanted to be and fulfil your true potential? Intentionally Becoming Different is a unique self-help book which will equip you with the tools you need to transform yourself from within. Written by Alexander Trost, this book will act as your own virtual life coach, helping you take the first steps on your own journey of reflection, discovery and improvement. Blending vital life lessons with relevant literature and research, Intentionally Becoming Different shares the theory behind unfolding your true self before explaining how you can apply it to your own life. Each chapter concludes with a series of questions to ask yourself as well as practical exercises you can try on your road to a better you. Unlike some self-help books, Intentionally Becoming Different isn’t about following the latest fad or quick fix suggestions for happiness. This book will help you to gain genuine clarity about yourself so you can initiate a lasting transformation. You won’t be asked to follow a list of tips which worked for other people, instead, you will be shown how to examine yourself from a new perspective, develop a constructive mindset and swap negative behaviours for beneficial ones. This book is your ticket to an engaging coaching journey of more than half a dozen virtual coaching sessions, guided by carefully crafted models, frameworks and insightful questions. “It feels as if Alexander Trost wrote a book just for me and titled it: ‘Intentionally Becoming Different’. Then I realized it’s for everyone who needs a road map for both discovering and living their purpose. This masterpiece is a comprehensive guide for filling your life with greater deliberation and intention. Dive in like I did, and you’ll never be the same.” – Scott Jeffrey Miller, Amazon and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of “Management Mess to Leadership Success” and “Everyone Deserves A Great Manager”, columnist and host of Franklin Covey’s On Leadership with Scott Miller podcast “Alexander Trost’s book is a must read for those who choose to be the master of their fate. Wisely carved in wisdom, knowledge and experience, Trost leads us into the realm of mindfulness, effective communication, an understanding of our emotions and a life with purpose. He guides us with clarity into becoming different in order to achieve self-esteem and peak performance in leading a full, fruitful life. A mind changer.” – Lenny Ravich, Author of “Everlasting Optimism” and Co-Founder of

My Review:

The author has presented a concept that is universally workable. As one who has already committed to becoming intentionally different, I can't help but trumpet the positives that come from this change.

The book starts out extremely approachable. The author makes brilliant points about how life is leading people instead of people living life. The true to life example of his own not really living with his family only existing should strike at the heart of every person who puts work ahead of family.

That the author states clearly this book isn't a self-help book is admirable. One issue comes with chapter one when the book immediately becomes a self-help book. There is no other way to describe the textbook approach taken. When the reader is given question and answer sections, it is a self-help book.

To become intentionally different is a great goal. I personally found the secret to that step is planning and preparation. One can't simply be intentionally different with the exception being lottery winners.

Something else in the book I took extreme issue with was the author's claim that multi-tasking was a myth. The author opines that it is actually split-tasking and each task done at the same time is done less effectively on a mathematical scale. As someone who is an accomplished multi-tasker, I know that this idea is flawed. I personally have done 15 tasks at the same time, all with extreme precision. I can easily do five to seven at the same time with 100% efficiency. To state this is a myth is just not true.

This book creates a brilliant concept that many people should embrace. There are too many workaholics who work late and skip vacations. They are not living life. Work for someone else pays for your life, it is NOT your life. The concept of being intentionally different will help those in that mindset. A valuable book for the workaholic.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

Alexander Trost is a Certified Coach, Change Practice Leader, Facilitator, Trainer and Assessor with a successful track record in Mentoring & Coaching, Consulting and Change Programs.

Besides his tertiary education in Business Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Alexander studied Human Capital Leadership, Psychology and Philosophy.

As former CFO and CHRO, Alexander gained extensive professional experience in Program Development & Execution, Management Consulting, Production / Operations Optimization, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Finance and Human Capital Leadership. He has successfully led projects in Business and Production Strategy, Operations Optimization, Post Merger Integration, Carve-out, Talent and Leadership Programs. He authored books on General Management and Self-Development as well as several articles on Leadership, advocating Serenity and Humanity in Leadership.

As Founder of ATvisor™, he coined the term Serene Leader© and created the Li8ht Your LIFE™ coaching program. Besides supporting numerous Humanitarian Organizations, he also engages as a passionate pro-bono Mentor, Coach and Career Adviser. Alexander is a Keynote Speaker, Associate Consultant with FranklinCovey Singapore and Member of the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore as well as of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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