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4 stars for Let There Be Us: A Journey into Yourself by JC Ramos Paulino #bookreview #selfhelp

Title: Let There Be Us: A Journey into Yourself

Author: JC Ramos Paulino

Genre: Self Help, Personal Transformation

Book Blurb:

At some point in your life, the time arrives when you ask yourself, What am I doing here? Or Who am I? You may get there via success—Now what? pops up in your head after you are done raising the kids and have sent them off to college. What is next? you may wonder after years of marriage and a steady career. Or you may get there via pain and suffering—What is the meaning behind all this? Why keep going? If the time has arrived for you to understand yourself, life and others, LET THERE BE US is the book for you. Let There Be Us is a modern guide to the total understanding of yourself. After understanding you, comprehension of life follows. The book is designed for the pragmatic western mind. It features creative allegories and practical day-to-day examples. Its real-world exercises will give you the tools you need to create your best reality. The book introduction is an invitation to discover your inner self. The next page explains the evolutionary effect that new concepts have on the human mind, and it nudges you to watch out for new ideas as you read the book. From there, the book dives into Why are you here, and the purpose behind the activity of life. The Chapter Identity and Reality deals with the difference between "reality" and your "experienced reality," and how your subconscious identity filters perception to match the internal sense of who you are. Roles as subcategories of identity, and our "fight-or-flight responses" are discussed. Self-awareness and Time explains how the grasping of the concept of time at an early age creates the feature of self-awareness in the human mind. It addresses fear as the basis of the self-image; the chapter also introduces the concept of "pseudo present moment." The three components of your identity, Self-awareness, Self-definition, and Self-image are explained next. It introduces the concept of "evolutionary minds," and the two classes of consciousness operating in the human body—multi-point consciousness, and single-point consciousness. Your Mind, Your Life explains the relationship between your body and your mind, and the purpose of both. The concept of "conscious attention" is introduced, and how matter organically evolves into mind. Your Present Moment explains the difference between the actual now and your pseudo present moment. It shows the two sides of the present moment—total cause and total effect—and the creative forces that await for you hidden in the now. In The Structure of your Self-image, the blueprint of your model of reality is broken down piece by piece, opening the door to its mastery. The chapters Creating your Reality and Pursuing Growth explain the three elements you need to take conscious control of the creation of your reality, and how to put all the concepts in this book into practice. Your True Nature explains the truth behind your identity and how to expand the boundaries of the self. The final chapter gives you tools to use when rough times arrive, and how to smooth out difficult relationships. Let There Be Us is a journey into yourself. Grab a copy of this book. Read this book. You will never be the same.

My Review:

If you are struggling to understand how to live life then this book is for you. The author has created two books in one. The first part of this book is very readable and engaging and through simple real-life allegories, it provides a better understanding of who a person is. The second part of the book reads like a university philosophy textbook and comes with homework too.

The first part is a comprehensive and well-written piece on who each person is when defined by the internal processes. A reader gets a real simple understanding of the well-crafted contents. There is plenty here that will resonate with everyone who picks up this book.

The second part of the book, in a large part, deals with the concept of consciousness. This is a very heavy portion of the book. I found I had to re-read passages over and over to get what the point was.

The allegorical stories in the second half, while interesting to read, are really undefined. Have a summary as to what each allegory contributes specifically to the subject at hand would help them fit better into the book. At times, the allegories of the second part seem to be breaks in the book and don't really directly connect to what comes before or after.

If you are a person struggling with the basic understanding of who you are, this book is for you. If you are a person who finds a structured teaching approach effective, this book is for you. The author has presented a very detailed approach to the understanding of self and this book would be worthwhile as part of any school's philosophy curriculum reading list.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. My friends call me "JC." I currently live in Southern California with my wife and two children. Let There Be Us is my first published book. At some point in our lives, the time arrives when we ask ourselves, What am I doing here? Who am I? What is the meaning behind all this? Why keep going? The time for asking these questions came early to me. Since I can remember, I've been engrossed by the need to understand life, myself, and others. I developed a keen interest in people, their activity, their feelings, and their thoughts. This unyielding curiosity eventually led to the recognition of causes hiding in plain sight, and the understanding of patterns that I may have confused with randomness or unfairness before. Let There Be Us is meant for folks with similar interests to me. That seems to be a growing number--people seeking understanding and spiritual growth. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of these individuals. If so, I welcome you to my experiences. And I wish you, my fellow traveler, a pleasant trip into what's at the core of your life; may you enjoy your journey into the self as much as I did. May you enter our new chapter. Love, JC Ramos Paulino

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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