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4.5 stars for Paperclip by Walter Rhein @stsoflima and Dan Woll #bookreview #paranormal #thriller

Title: Paperclip

Author: Walter Rhein and Dan Woll

Genre: Paranormal Thriller, Fantasy

Book Blurb:

“I warmly endorse the continuing efforts of Dan Woll and Walter Rhein for their latest novel, “Paperclip.” Unsettled, stirring. drama-laden—“Paperclip” is written with gusto, good humor and a knowledge of the panoply that is America, as the authors take their three gifted characters from youth to adulthood. How can you resist a book that opens with a guesser who is always right? “Paperclip” begs for a read, a sequel, and a movie.” —Dave Wood, Former Books Editor, Minneapolis Star Tribune and Past Vice-President, National Book Critics Circle

What if your whole life was an experiment?

Prior to meeting Carlie, Mickey's biggest problem consisted of escaping the wrath of the ruler-wielding nuns of St. Asors. But when Carlie moved to town, Mickey found that the young girl's proximity began to enhance a dormant ability to catch fleeting glimpses of the future. Confused by the stirrings of young love, Mickey began to sense the presence of a shadowy villain, driven by hatred, on a relentless pursuit that would not end until both Mickey and Carlie were dead.

My Review:

A very original approach to writing. This book starts out as a really interesting look into two remarkable paranormal kids and how one of them seems to be able to defeat evil with only a thought. The coming of adulthood finds the two 'together' still.

In the midst of that growth from childhood to adulthood, you get something I had not really felt since the classic Something Wicked This Way Comes. If that movie had carried on from the main characters as 13 on until maybe 26, then it would be almost exactly like this book.

If you are a fan of a nasty evil presence who just exudes evil with every ounce of his being, then this book is made for you. There are a number of themes that could be representative of what the authors are aiming at. The question of whether life is environment or born in traits...

One can certainly read this book and come firmly down on the side that hard drugs are evil and will destroy life as we know it.

A well-written, dark tome that brings an aura of darkness almost from the beginning, and the reader isn't left with much satisfaction. Just an absorbing paranormal that can, at times, be a difficult read.

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

Walter Rhein was born in Wisconsin but moved to Lima, Peru in his twenties. There, he supported himself by writing, teaching, translating, and editing. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin and Peru. He is currently a writer for and his articles also frequently appear in Silent Sports and Cross Country Skiier Magazine. He was also a featured writer at the Chippewa Valley Book Festival and the Fox Cities Book Festival.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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Barbara Bettis
May 05, 2020

Sounds intriguing!

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